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How Gold Wars 2 Makes You Gold

Here are the steps to how Gold Wars 2 saves you time searching for the best deals on the Trading Post...

  • Step 1: Gold Wars robots analyze the ENTIRE TRADING POST every 10 minutes.
  • Step 2: You search for items by using the intelligently designed "search form."
  • Step 3: Get results for your search instantly, including important information regarding flipping potential.
No more guessing, no more clicking for hours with little or nothing to show for it. Let Gold Wars 2 do all the work! To see videos of this tool in action as well as additional information, please see the homepage for Gold Wars 2.

If you've used other guild wars 2 scrapers in the past then you're probably on the fence about getting Gold Wars 2. You obviously believe (and who wouldn't?) that the free scrapers out there would have this information already. But you're wrong; as the Gold Wars 2 team of designers constantly updates and adapts new ideas to their tool. Unlike the free services out there, these guys are getting paid to work, which is a far better incentive! In fact, Gold Wars 2 was the first professionally designed guild wars 2 scraper tool for analyzing markets for the purpose of turning a profit. Although gw2spidy existed first, it did not have the bells and whistles already present on Gold Wars 2, and it continues to lag far behind when it comes to earning gold. You can help support this project and amazingly powerful tool as their team improves search algorithms, stat collection, and features for Gold Wars 2.

Many of the forum members have contributed with ideas for improving this tool. Thank you everyone for your ideas as almost all have been incorporated in some way already! The Gold Wars 2 team has thanked us many times for our criticisms and requests for new functionality. It is probably the number one reason this tool is so far ahead of the competition (both free and paid).


  1. Michael said...:

    That page... My eyes... It's set up like one of those scam sites. Where they've got this long-winded story and testimonial after testimonial from people with very fake sounding names talking about how this AMAZING product changed their lives. Then at the very bottom after scrolling for hours you get to the "Buy Now!" link.

    I refuse to give anyone money that draws design inspiration from p***s enlargement, herbal remedy, etc. scam sites. I'm sure it's a lovely tool, but that page is bad and they should feel bad.

  1. Markco said...:

    I think I read the while page in under a minute. I guess you only looked at the opening image. Great job.

  1. Dorian said...:

    Lol, gold wars 2 is everything except a scam. I'm quite satisfied, nice interface, easy and accesible. Not the ultimate profit secret but it helps saving time.

  1. Michael said...:

    No, I read the whole thing. I'm not saying it is a scam. I'm merely pointing out that the design of the page is laid out exactly like a scam site. It even comes with the cheesy testimonials at the bottom. The design of the site is, I'm sorry to say, bad. It does a disservice to the tool itself about which I hear nothing but rave reviews.

    It does not look professional. It looks cheap and amateur. It doesn't project the image of a "professionally designed guild wars 2 scraper tool." It's like trying to draw people into a $100/plate fine dining restaurant by taking a magic marker to a sheet of cardboard writing the name and a big arrow pointing at the door. It's an artificial and easily removable barrier between them and their potential customers' wallet. That's all I'm saying.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Have to agree with Michael, it's not very professional looking at all and resembles one of those scam sites that promise to make x amount of cash in a month or enlarge your penis in a week, am not saying it is a scam site - but bad choice of presentation for selling a product.

    Can't see myself buying it, for those reasons.

  1. Gold Wars 2 said...:

    Hey Michael,

    Thanks for the feedback regarding the page design. We've recently been upgrading several visual aspects of the site, with the home page included. We've gathered thoughts shared by the community, and have applied a few more changes to the home page (as of last night 6/14) which should address some of the negative impressions you and others might've been feeling.


  1. Gold Wars 2 said...:


    We're always all ears. Have a suggestion about what you'd like to see for new users on the home page? Let us know, and we'll consider switchin` it up. Thanks again everyone for the feedback, keep it coming. :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Dear Marco,

    I'm a bit dissapointed by this post. It's just cheap advertising instead of the qualitative and helpfull guides you are known for. I bet it's not a coincedence that Gold Wars 2 and this site have links to each other. In fact, it wouldn't suprise me if you'd be involved in Gold Wars in one way or another.

    In addition, I'm not convinced by your neo-liberal argument that guys who get paid for work, will do a better work. In the same vein you could argue that companies want to maximize their profit and will cut their service back as much as their clients would perceive acceptable. What I would have found far more interesting is a full comparison between free and paid scrapers. How much bang do we really get for our money? A list which compared features would have been much more informative than this glorification of one specific scraper.

    Nonetheless, I believe you do some fantastic work learning the community some basic trading principles. So keep it up and let's hope this kind of posts don't become a regularity.

    Kind regards

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