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Using GW2Spidy to Find Markets

How many of you have actually gone through the process of identifying, testing, and successfully making gold from markets with GW2Spidy? Please comment below if you have. Details of your exploits (or lack there of) are nice but not necessary.

I did a post recently on how to read GW2Spidy graphs simply. The most important point I made was the capability to REMOVE lines you didn't wish to see. This significantly helps with the reading of the charts. You can also change how many days/weeks/months you wish to view at once, and since there are less lines to calculate this process is much faster than with them all turned on. Using gw2spidy to find deals has also been discussed at length on our Private Forums in various example markets and debates.

While it is easier to find markets to make gold using Gold Wars 2, GW2Spidy is pretty damned good (and a great complimentary tool) once you get the hang of it. You can spot recurring trends over the course of the past year, and I'm relatively surprised at how difficult this appears to be for most people.

Remember, the middle value (left column of values on each chart) has the average price of the item over the time you're looking at. If you ever see prices rise 15% higher or 15% lower it is time to sell or buy respectively. That's a very easy way to use the tool. Just look at the price of a commonly traded item (like a crafting material) over the course of the past month, jot down the average value and check throughout the day to see if it's time to buy or sell.

Give this a shot, and please report back with your findings either on this post, the forums, or in later posts when the subject resurfaces! Email works too!


  1. Freykin said...:

    I managed to find a couple different markets in the past couple days thanks to it, both Superior Runes. The Superior Rune of the Ranger and The Superior Rune of the Mad King have some pretty nice profit margins for individual sales, especially if you can craft them. I got inspired to see what the high end products of my leatherworking could go for, and those both turned up to be worth the time! At least, for someone like me with a small gold base to start from, so larger margin individual sales that require time spent crafting are definitely worth the effort.

    I've also had some good luck with Vials of Weak Blood thanks to checking out how it fluctuates, been making a steady couple copper profit each off stacks of them throughout the week.

    I'm sure there's still lots for me to learn, as I've only just recently (1-2 weeks) started playing the auction house. So far it's helped fund me replace all my gear with my preferred exotics, along with crafting some nice runes for myself.

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