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The blog temporarily went down when my email account was hacked. Since gmail and blogger are linked, both were temporarily inactive. I am back online and going through your emails once more. I'll try to get a post up with some new questions and answers tomorrow.

Hope all is well in GW2 for you and making gold on the trading post!


Making Gold From Blueprints


Josh Wrote:

"Hello!  I have been watching a certain market, and wanted to share it with you.  Right now, blueprints could be a very good item to invest in.  With less and less people getting achievement chests, the supply has gone down on the blueprints, and demand is starting to increase.  Many of these are a fraction of the vendor cost, and will go up with some time.  I personally do not have enough gold to do a good investment, buy I figured maybe you would be able to profit in it.  Best of luck!"

I like this idea quite a bit. You take an item that has potential to grow (reward) but currently costs a fraction of what it has in the past (risk). Low risk, high reward. I'm all about it! Thought I'd pass the information on to everyone else so they could take advantage of this long term strategy as well.

Guild Wars 2 Timely Tips


Oh my god. ArenaNet is sending us cryptic messages that, once deciphered properly, reveal exactly what to invest in right now. I'll give you a list of what to buy first, then I'll tell you why. Sorry, I'm not revealing how to use my secret decoder ring. Just remember to drink your ovaltine or I'll put soap in your mouth.

1. Magic Find Gear. Especially Rings and Amulets.
2. Tier 4, 5 and 6 Materials
3. Tier 1 Materials for the Mystic Toilet
4. Level 60+ Fine and Masterwork Items
5. Level your Crafting. All of them. Now. Why are you still reading this? Go!

Magic Find Gear

Why magic find gear? Because people are selling it now with the new news. But they are going to convert it to something else in a future patch, which will hopefully be something like a new stat or just straight up vitality or toughness. Maybe they'll let you turn the magic find gear in for skill points or gold. Who knows, all you know is that you will be fairly compensated for owning magic find gear. So why not stockpile some?

Tier 4, 5 and 6 Materials

Tier 5 and 6 materials will be combined into the "new tier of crafting materials". Guess what, that means that tier 4 will probably become temporarily more valuable than it is now. So get some of it stockpiled for the crazy day the changes are implemented. But tier 5 and 6 are a sure bet for profit in the future as well.

Skill Points and the Mystic Toilet

Save up your skill points, they are about to become a lot rarer as people use them up on the new content. Even with skill points coming from champion chests, they still won't be all that common. This means that the tier 1 mystic toilet combinations will once more become a fountain of gold. See my forum guides for more information.

Salvaging Fine and Masterwork Garbage

Salvaging fine and masterwork items is finally going to be "worth it." I'm assuming they have to mean the higher end stuff, which truly is completely worthless at the moment. If it becomes even just a little profitable, then there's opportunity to salvage for money. Or maybe we'll all just sell the items to people wanting to gamble on the salvage rewards, but my guess is that the money will be in salvaging for the first few weeks at best. Then things will eventually bottom out since the supply will be just as crazy as it is now.

Time Based Crafting? My God!

This is exactly what I talked about in my podcast on The Siege Podcast. Time restrictions for learning recipes and creating items. If implemented correctly, I finally won't have to just sell to my fellow crafters... my god we might have a real economy on our hands.

Excuse me while I smoke a cigar, sit back on my red fluffy chair before the fire, drink my cognac, and plot world domination.

Increasing the Overcut Buy Order


I'm about a hundred emails behind right now. Please continue to send your questions, but give me time to respond. I will post a lot on the blog if they are questions that I believe will help most people.

"Hi Marcko,

I have a problem with my buy orders. Let me explain: i usually invest 10 to 20g daily in various markets, from high profit ones (like 50%) to lowest (usually not under 10%), but my buy orders on high profit markets are always overcut and not fill during the night, so that after 12 to 18 hrs later i find my orders filled only for 3-4g, if i'm lucky. Do you think is a good strategy to set buy orders a bit over the last one, to be sure my orders will be filled? Let me explain what i mean: let's say i found a 50% profit market. The last buy order is set to 1s and the sell list is at 4. If i set my buy order to 1.50s (with a 35% profit), do you think it will be filled during the night? i have no experience with this kind of strategy, but i'm sure you do. Do you think raising buy order will decrease the sell prices? I tried to buy at 1 copper higher than others, but my orders are never filled the next morning. I want to be sure my orders will be filled during the night, even if my profit will be lower. For less profitable markets i think this strategy does not works because the fast fluctuation, am I wrong?
Thanks for your help!"
Since you haven't sold anything yet in those markets, you don't know if they will sell after you've acquired them! For this reason, I would be very cautious implementing your strategy of reducing profit from 50% to 35% in the hopes that you will obtain items to sell faster. Try this with maybe a single item per market and see how it works. Also, try reducing your sell price so that your profit goes down to 10%-15%. From my experience, if it's hard to buy, it's probably hard to sell as well. Regardless of how successful you are, there will be a limit to how many times you can do this per market before your strategy begins to cause a change in the price. You may have to stop once in a while to let the market completely reset, especially if you start trading a few hundred of each item daily.

Stick to the principles of investing:

Start Small (don't over invest)
Learn the Market (trust experience over time, not intuition)
Diversify (try multiple strategies across multiple markets)

How to Lose 50 Gold on the Trading Post


"Hey! Thanks for the e-mails, im just starting out on the trading post and am having a relatively hard time finding markets to invest in. I've got ~50+ gold on my account. Basically what im asking for, is tips on how to find items i can invest in. Preferably  items that i don't need to order thousands of to make a few silver profit. Thanks!"


OK Max, I'll play this game. Unfortunately for you, I know that in the end you will probably lose all 50 gold... Unless of course you read the following warnings before diving into the answer to your question:

  1. Avoid investing more than 50% of your money at any one time.
  2. Do not invest all of your capital into any one market or even type of market.
  3. You should use some of your money to experiment each week in new markets, even when you feel comfortable making gold from a select few.
  4. Read the markets I suggest, but then do research on similar markets of the same category on the trading post.
  5. Maybe even look at the same type of market, but at a different level or quality of item.

Alright then, here are a bunch of markets to experiment with. Keep in mind that some of them doubled in price due to me posting about them months ago.








Number of Buy Orders


"Hey Marcko,

First of all thank you for all the tips and tricks you have on your blog. They are what got me into flipping in the first place!

My question is (and this might have been asked before), how much is too much when it comes to spending money on buy orders? I spend around 10 or 12 gold when making my buy orders, spending about 70s - 1g on each order. Is the too little or too much?

And also, if we're spending only a certain amount on buy orders, is there a limit to how many we should place?
Sometimes I have 10-12 orders of 50-250 pieces of armor each, but by the next morning I have barely anything to sell out of all the things I ordered. Am I doing something wrong here or missing something?

Thanks again for your help!"

You're ordering too many different types, when you should be increasing the quantity on each individual buy order. Your method is what you do for starter cash, not consistent income. Try focusing on other items and place 100+ buy order on each item. Only select a dozen or so items, instead of 50-250 pieces. Yes, you can do this with armor, like low level armor, but not the higher stuff that only sells 1-3 pieces every hour. You need to sell dozens per hour! So that often means smaller profit margins to get the faster turn around.


Here's a great question regarding how to read buy and sell orders on GW2Spidy's graphs.
"Hi Markco,
Thanks for all your efforts in making these tips available for the community.
I previously read one of your tips about disabling some of the graphs on GW2Spidy so that it shows only the Buy and Sell prices, and thought that was excellent.
Recently I have realised that one of my weaknesses is identifying markets which have low profits but high liquidity, versus markets which have high profits but low liquidity.

Sometimes I make my bids on items which seem to fetch a good price if I can sell them, only to discover that they move very slowly and don't sell as fast as I would like them to.How do we interpret the graphs on GW2Spidy to know if a market is moving very fast?


First off, you want to look at just the Buy and Sell Listings Volumes. Those are the two mid-bottom lines, so turn everything else off as shown below.

Now you are just looking at the number of orders people put on the item over time for both buy and sell orders. You want to look for two scenarios:

#1. Buy orders going up close to the crest of the blue lines then dropping back down to further below it. If this pattern of going up and down beneath the blue line is consistent, then you have something worth flipping at certain points of time, but not others. That is ideal! You just have to get in when the gap between buy and sell is large enough to make a profit, then get out before the window of opportunity closes again. Look for items that fluctuate greatly to provide you with the most consistent profit. Doesn't have to be a large amount of fluctuating either, as a couple copper swing for many common items is enough to make them worth flipping.

#2. Buy orders going up above the total number of sell listings, then the two lines reversing suddenly in direction. This is an opportunity where demand shot up for the item and couldn't be met by the number of listings (or the price got too high so people only placed buy orders to obtain it). While these changes are usually not predictable, you can look at the dates they occurred and learn quite a bit about the economy.

Hope that helps!

Dragon Bash Happy Ending?


Here's a great question, followed by an answer to get you guys moving in the right direction as Dragon Bash ends.

"Hi Marcko!

First I'd just like to thank you for all your guides, I really appreciate your work and hope to see much more in the future.

Any who, as the title states I have some questions about dragon coffers, I noticed that they have went up a few copper the last days as Dragon Bash is about to end. Since you still will able to get the skin-tickets from them when DB ends but not the coffers themselves from mobs i figured that they will continue to go up in price as time moves on.
Is my reasoning correct? or is the supply simply too high to make it profitable?
If it is profitable, when should i place orders and how long do you estimate I'll have to hang on to them?

Again thank you for all your help."
The coffers will continue to sell as long as the turn ins remain in the public eye. I do not expect that to last longer than a few weeks. So if you have coffers already, hang on to them a little bit and then sell, but don't try to flip now. I don't think they will go up enough to warrant such a risk. Choice is yours :)

However, on an unrelated note, the Quartz Crystal has been selling crazy well of late, for a good 3-6 copper profit each flip. I've made a good bit of money from it, and this item remains one of the top 10 currently traded auctions on the trading post! Add it to your flipping list!

30 Gold From One Day


Took me three hours, but I made 30 gold two days ago using the Euphoria method. Is that a good name for it? I dunno I'm going with it lol.

This method is epic for people just starting out on the trading post, and it will teach you how to be a patient player of the market place. Then, once you're ready for the big leagues, you can learn to play the much faster moving crafting material markets.

Here's an great question that Mai sent me, along with my answer.

"Hey!! Thanks for all the emails! I've been following some of your methods, including the unidentified dyes and the lower level armor. These methods are great! I'm making about 5-6 gold a night, which I know isn't as much as many trading post flippers make, but I'm making progress. So thank YOU for all the tips and help that you've given me and other aspiring trading post flippers. I'm really getting the hang of flipping, and you've helped a lot with that. Once again, thank you.
So, I've been thinking of ways to further improve my productivity in the trading post. I've been looking around your website for a post that talks about when to cancel buy orders, and I wasn't able to find one. I probably missed it but I'm just wondering if you have a link for any posts that relate to this? xD I apologize for having you go through this, I know I probably DID pass it by accident. 
I also have a question regarding the "buy on Monday, sell on weekends" rule. For this to work, do you do ALL your buy orders on Monday? I ask this because I find that my buy orders are being topped by other players before the weekend comes, and I don't get as much of my buy orders. Should I place buy orders throughout the week before the weekend, and not just on Mondays? Or should I wait until Friday to collect my orders from the trading post? Again, this also goes back to when I should cancel buy orders. 

Thank you for simply being an amazing person. You have a really big heart to be able to help others become successful in the trading post game :P. 

I'm constantly looking through the emails you send me. I may not reply because of some time issues during these few weeks, but please know that I do appreciate and thank you for these emails and tips. It really means a lot to me. I haven't actually posted any comments on the posts that you send because I wasn't as experienced, but now I think I will try commenting to help others in the way you have helped me. 

Once again, thank you! Looking forward to hearing from you again,

You can place your buy orders whenever you'd like, but if you're on a time restraint (like you can only play 2-4 hours a week) then I highly recommend the monday and friday method. But if you have time to play every day, try to identify markets which swing throughout the week. Usually the most common ones do that have a 2-3 copper margin. The 1 copper margin stuff generally has too many buy orders to ever change much (copper will move sometimes one copper a week, which enables patient players to make a lot over time from it). Have you seen my post on reading gw2spidy graphs?

Dragon Bash Magic Find Farming


Some tips form my MF Gearing experience, courtesy of a newsletter member, Adriana:

"1) Armor runes: the 6th rune must be of another Set giving you MF, like 5 of the Traveler and 1 of the Pirate which will add an excellent 10%.
2) If you have a Profession that can swap weapons, I suggest to use the Medallion of the Traveler on one set (possibly a Dual-wielding set of weapons to add 2 Medallions). The trick is to maximize the Luck through the Sigil of Luck and then use the Weapons so that the Luck Buff will add to the MF of the swapped weapons. Obviously that will work until downed.
3) Buy a lot of Dragonfly Cupcake! It's cheap now and a very possible profit-make in the future. Dragon Bash will end soon so it's time to stack up.
4) If you're still not ready to buy Exotic Gear, stick to the Rare one: cheaper and with a minor stats decrease. If you're a crafter, the better way to go is to build it yourself.
5) The Amulet! Buy an Ascended Amulet+Utility Slot with Laurels when you can and go straightforward to the +20% MF infusion!
6) Buy the Wayfarer's Spineguard, rare or exotic: they're really cheap at the TP and can still wield a Medallion of the Traveler adding a good 6% MF total.
This is what I can suggest to you and, obviously, your newsletter's readers."

Thanks Adriana!

Euphoria of Sales: 3 Step Guide to Gold Making


Do you experience a sense of euphoria when you collect gold from the trading post? When you say the words "auction" or "trading post" or "business", do you revile in the way each syllable rolls off your tongue? If you answered yes to these two questions, then you probably don't need my help any longer. Well, you're at least on the right track. If you said no to them, then this post will help move you to the yes column.

I am playing a very easy market, among countless others, known as Duelist Chain Gauntlets. Here are the steps to playing this item:

1. Analyze the best place for your buy orders.

As you can see to the left, 84 is the highest buy order currently. There's a decent amount at 78 copper so I definitely won't go higher than that number. The profit margin for these items is huge (selling at 1 copper 80 silver), so I don't mind going all the way to the top of the buying order. I will place my buy orders at 85 copper. 250 of them to be precise. Yes, your bags get very full doing this method, especially when you play 10-20 markets at once. No, I don't wait for all of them to be purchased, it's just wishful thinking and it plays with competitors' minds. If you wanted to remain incognito, I'd recommend 25-50 buy orders. But if 51+ are going to be bought, I'd rather just  make the 250 buy order here and now, instead of leaving free gold on the table.

2. Pick up your winnings.

3. Sell, Sell, Sell!

Yup, you're going to run out of bag space pretty quickly. As you go to sell your items, try to pick out the four pieces that have the largest quantity currently in your bags, as shown below.

After you sell each of these for 1 copper cheaper than the lowest price (or equal to your current listing should you have more of the items selling on the trading post), go back to the pick up tab on the trading post and take all. Keep opening, checking four highest, selling, and re-opening until your bags are empty. This does take time, but if you choose your markets wisely (as I've shown on the forums many times) then your profit margins will be insane. Several of the items in the screenshots above weilded over 200% profit. Buying for a silver and selling for 5 is very fun.

By the time you figure this post out and how to adapt it to your current strategy, you'll be well on your way to answering yes to the first two questions I posed to you today.

Feel free to cancel your buy orders at any time, especially if they get buried by your competition. Give yourself at least 48 hours before cancelling your sell orders. Since your profit margins are so big that 5% really doesn't matter, but it's hard to keep track of what you've canceled, so I would advise against spamming it. You never know when demand will shift and your items start getting purchased again, even with a lot of competition. Trust me, low level pieces are ALWAYS in demand.

Why You Should Get My Email Tips


Adriano, an email subscriber to this site, had this to say about the first 7 tips (there are over 20) currently given out to blog subscribers. This service is free, and you can join as well by signing up on the right side of the blog's interface.

I have blanked out some of the references that give away the better tips. Left a lot in though. Subscribe and you get the rest! Plus all the other emails that come each day with more tips.


here's a summary of what I've learned and achieved from the recent emails you've sent to me:
1) The ----- ----- ----- market works well, as the ---- one but the results come in about a week of time since not many users purchase through instant-buyout.

2) --- ----- ----: always profitable market, especially for -----/----- prefix. Also going to exp another alt or doing Story-mode dungeon with high-MF Gear (about 150, I have 200) will make you loot a lot of gear low-level that could be very profitable (AC/CM on top of all since the 30-40 markets can make you gain 4 silver a piece, even 6+ silver in particular cases).
3) Never ever build a price wall: I learned that being part or mass-selling is the best way to waste profit.
4) Master Salvage Kits are the best way to salvage rares, especially the new Aetherized Salvage Items from the Pirates event ( I obtained even a Charged Core! ). If a rare lowest seller price is higher than the 19 silver I usually undercut by one copper and sell quite fast. Very often only weapons are worth selling, but you must be very careful to some traps like rares sold for too much than their worth (like a rare lv76 torch for 26 silver that it's better to undercut to 22).
5) -------- -------- market is interesting and the more stable to sell without undercutting too much, however it's always a good rule to not buy too much at low level or "big barons" will cut their prices a lot making your buying worthless.
6) ----- tool: love it <3.
7) I still have to work on Craft&Sell but the -------- gear will almost surely go really well without costing too much on mats (especially if I use my stack of mats collected through time)."

How to Buy and Sell Orders Really Work?


"Hello Markco,

first let me thank you for your great blog! With your tipps and tricks I was able to make my first 100 gold (mostly through flipping low level armor)! I did not have much success with crafting materials. Lost some gold on eggs when they dropped from around 40c to 20c (still not sure where this drop in price came from or if 40c was just a very high price). But I want to try again in this market and need to keep better track of the prices.

I have one question though: How do buy/sell order stacks work? Is it last in first out? When I list item for sale I usually undercut by 1c but I sometime have the impression, that when other sellers just add to my lowest sell price their items are sold first? Do you know how this currently works? It seems like the methodology changed trough your blog posts.

Thank you!

Congrats Meng, thanks for emailing me.

The buy order is last in, first out (I believe) and selling is first in, first out.

10 Essential Tips to Playing the Trading Post


These 10 posts should help change the way you think. None of these are get rich quick schemes. Some are solid strategies, but most are aimed at fixing your mindset towards the Trading Post. Enjoy, and please comment below with additional questions you have after reading these. Email works too!

1. I Just Need 20 More Gold
2. Basics of Trading
3. Controlling Markets
4. Math for Minimum Profit
5. How Can the Trading Post be Fun?
6. Impulse Buyers Buy This Item
7. Failure, The Best Option
8. How Much Should I Buy on the Trading Post?
9. Market Masochist Markco
10. Where's the First Gold Making Strategy?

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