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10 Essential Tips to Playing the Trading Post

These 10 posts should help change the way you think. None of these are get rich quick schemes. Some are solid strategies, but most are aimed at fixing your mindset towards the Trading Post. Enjoy, and please comment below with additional questions you have after reading these. Email works too!

1. I Just Need 20 More Gold
2. Basics of Trading
3. Controlling Markets
4. Math for Minimum Profit
5. How Can the Trading Post be Fun?
6. Impulse Buyers Buy This Item
7. Failure, The Best Option
8. How Much Should I Buy on the Trading Post?
9. Market Masochist Markco
10. Where's the First Gold Making Strategy?


  1. Anonymous said...:

    To #4:
    There is a website called tpcalc.com where they are doing the maths for you

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