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30 Gold From One Day

Took me three hours, but I made 30 gold two days ago using the Euphoria method. Is that a good name for it? I dunno I'm going with it lol.

This method is epic for people just starting out on the trading post, and it will teach you how to be a patient player of the market place. Then, once you're ready for the big leagues, you can learn to play the much faster moving crafting material markets.

Here's an great question that Mai sent me, along with my answer.

"Hey!! Thanks for all the emails! I've been following some of your methods, including the unidentified dyes and the lower level armor. These methods are great! I'm making about 5-6 gold a night, which I know isn't as much as many trading post flippers make, but I'm making progress. So thank YOU for all the tips and help that you've given me and other aspiring trading post flippers. I'm really getting the hang of flipping, and you've helped a lot with that. Once again, thank you.
So, I've been thinking of ways to further improve my productivity in the trading post. I've been looking around your website for a post that talks about when to cancel buy orders, and I wasn't able to find one. I probably missed it but I'm just wondering if you have a link for any posts that relate to this? xD I apologize for having you go through this, I know I probably DID pass it by accident. 
I also have a question regarding the "buy on Monday, sell on weekends" rule. For this to work, do you do ALL your buy orders on Monday? I ask this because I find that my buy orders are being topped by other players before the weekend comes, and I don't get as much of my buy orders. Should I place buy orders throughout the week before the weekend, and not just on Mondays? Or should I wait until Friday to collect my orders from the trading post? Again, this also goes back to when I should cancel buy orders. 

Thank you for simply being an amazing person. You have a really big heart to be able to help others become successful in the trading post game :P. 

I'm constantly looking through the emails you send me. I may not reply because of some time issues during these few weeks, but please know that I do appreciate and thank you for these emails and tips. It really means a lot to me. I haven't actually posted any comments on the posts that you send because I wasn't as experienced, but now I think I will try commenting to help others in the way you have helped me. 

Once again, thank you! Looking forward to hearing from you again,

You can place your buy orders whenever you'd like, but if you're on a time restraint (like you can only play 2-4 hours a week) then I highly recommend the monday and friday method. But if you have time to play every day, try to identify markets which swing throughout the week. Usually the most common ones do that have a 2-3 copper margin. The 1 copper margin stuff generally has too many buy orders to ever change much (copper will move sometimes one copper a week, which enables patient players to make a lot over time from it). Have you seen my post on reading gw2spidy graphs?


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