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Dragon Bash Happy Ending?

Here's a great question, followed by an answer to get you guys moving in the right direction as Dragon Bash ends.

"Hi Marcko!

First I'd just like to thank you for all your guides, I really appreciate your work and hope to see much more in the future.

Any who, as the title states I have some questions about dragon coffers, I noticed that they have went up a few copper the last days as Dragon Bash is about to end. Since you still will able to get the skin-tickets from them when DB ends but not the coffers themselves from mobs i figured that they will continue to go up in price as time moves on.
Is my reasoning correct? or is the supply simply too high to make it profitable?
If it is profitable, when should i place orders and how long do you estimate I'll have to hang on to them?

Again thank you for all your help."
The coffers will continue to sell as long as the turn ins remain in the public eye. I do not expect that to last longer than a few weeks. So if you have coffers already, hang on to them a little bit and then sell, but don't try to flip now. I don't think they will go up enough to warrant such a risk. Choice is yours :)

However, on an unrelated note, the Quartz Crystal has been selling crazy well of late, for a good 3-6 copper profit each flip. I've made a good bit of money from it, and this item remains one of the top 10 currently traded auctions on the trading post! Add it to your flipping list!


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