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Dragon Bash Magic Find Farming

Some tips form my MF Gearing experience, courtesy of a newsletter member, Adriana:

"1) Armor runes: the 6th rune must be of another Set giving you MF, like 5 of the Traveler and 1 of the Pirate which will add an excellent 10%.
2) If you have a Profession that can swap weapons, I suggest to use the Medallion of the Traveler on one set (possibly a Dual-wielding set of weapons to add 2 Medallions). The trick is to maximize the Luck through the Sigil of Luck and then use the Weapons so that the Luck Buff will add to the MF of the swapped weapons. Obviously that will work until downed.
3) Buy a lot of Dragonfly Cupcake! It's cheap now and a very possible profit-make in the future. Dragon Bash will end soon so it's time to stack up.
4) If you're still not ready to buy Exotic Gear, stick to the Rare one: cheaper and with a minor stats decrease. If you're a crafter, the better way to go is to build it yourself.
5) The Amulet! Buy an Ascended Amulet+Utility Slot with Laurels when you can and go straightforward to the +20% MF infusion!
6) Buy the Wayfarer's Spineguard, rare or exotic: they're really cheap at the TP and can still wield a Medallion of the Traveler adding a good 6% MF total.
This is what I can suggest to you and, obviously, your newsletter's readers."

Thanks Adriana!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Nice find on the Dragonfly Cupcake. Stocking up on those. I foresee them becoming more popular post Dragon Bash. Double their value would be good but I hope their value jumps up to 2s50.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    AdrianO, I'm still not so charming to be called like that :-P

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