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Oh my god. ArenaNet is sending us cryptic messages that, once deciphered properly, reveal exactly what to invest in right now. I'll give you a list of what to buy first, then I'll tell you why. Sorry, I'm not revealing how to use my secret decoder ring. Just remember to drink your ovaltine or I'll put soap in your mouth.

1. Magic Find Gear. Especially Rings and Amulets.
2. Tier 4, 5 and 6 Materials
3. Tier 1 Materials for the Mystic Toilet
4. Level 60+ Fine and Masterwork Items
5. Level your Crafting. All of them. Now. Why are you still reading this? Go!

Magic Find Gear

Why magic find gear? Because people are selling it now with the new news. But they are going to convert it to something else in a future patch, which will hopefully be something like a new stat or just straight up vitality or toughness. Maybe they'll let you turn the magic find gear in for skill points or gold. Who knows, all you know is that you will be fairly compensated for owning magic find gear. So why not stockpile some?

Tier 4, 5 and 6 Materials

Tier 5 and 6 materials will be combined into the "new tier of crafting materials". Guess what, that means that tier 4 will probably become temporarily more valuable than it is now. So get some of it stockpiled for the crazy day the changes are implemented. But tier 5 and 6 are a sure bet for profit in the future as well.

Skill Points and the Mystic Toilet

Save up your skill points, they are about to become a lot rarer as people use them up on the new content. Even with skill points coming from champion chests, they still won't be all that common. This means that the tier 1 mystic toilet combinations will once more become a fountain of gold. See my forum guides for more information.

Salvaging Fine and Masterwork Garbage

Salvaging fine and masterwork items is finally going to be "worth it." I'm assuming they have to mean the higher end stuff, which truly is completely worthless at the moment. If it becomes even just a little profitable, then there's opportunity to salvage for money. Or maybe we'll all just sell the items to people wanting to gamble on the salvage rewards, but my guess is that the money will be in salvaging for the first few weeks at best. Then things will eventually bottom out since the supply will be just as crazy as it is now.

Time Based Crafting? My God!

This is exactly what I talked about in my podcast on The Siege Podcast. Time restrictions for learning recipes and creating items. If implemented correctly, I finally won't have to just sell to my fellow crafters... my god we might have a real economy on our hands.

Excuse me while I smoke a cigar, sit back on my red fluffy chair before the fire, drink my cognac, and plot world domination.


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