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Number of Buy Orders

"Hey Marcko,

First of all thank you for all the tips and tricks you have on your blog. They are what got me into flipping in the first place!

My question is (and this might have been asked before), how much is too much when it comes to spending money on buy orders? I spend around 10 or 12 gold when making my buy orders, spending about 70s - 1g on each order. Is the too little or too much?

And also, if we're spending only a certain amount on buy orders, is there a limit to how many we should place?
Sometimes I have 10-12 orders of 50-250 pieces of armor each, but by the next morning I have barely anything to sell out of all the things I ordered. Am I doing something wrong here or missing something?

Thanks again for your help!"

You're ordering too many different types, when you should be increasing the quantity on each individual buy order. Your method is what you do for starter cash, not consistent income. Try focusing on other items and place 100+ buy order on each item. Only select a dozen or so items, instead of 50-250 pieces. Yes, you can do this with armor, like low level armor, but not the higher stuff that only sells 1-3 pieces every hour. You need to sell dozens per hour! So that often means smaller profit margins to get the faster turn around.


  1. Michael said...:

    I may be wrong, but the way I read his question, he's already doing exactly what you said.

    10-12 distinct orders (i.e. "select a dozen or so items") with a quantity of 50-250 in each order ("and place 100+ buy order on each item")

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Likewise. From the way I read it, he already orders 50-250 in number from 10-12 different items.

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