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How to Buy and Sell Orders Really Work?

"Hello Markco,

first let me thank you for your great blog! With your tipps and tricks I was able to make my first 100 gold (mostly through flipping low level armor)! I did not have much success with crafting materials. Lost some gold on eggs when they dropped from around 40c to 20c (still not sure where this drop in price came from or if 40c was just a very high price). But I want to try again in this market and need to keep better track of the prices.

I have one question though: How do buy/sell order stacks work? Is it last in first out? When I list item for sale I usually undercut by 1c but I sometime have the impression, that when other sellers just add to my lowest sell price their items are sold first? Do you know how this currently works? It seems like the methodology changed trough your blog posts.

Thank you!

Congrats Meng, thanks for emailing me.

The buy order is last in, first out (I believe) and selling is first in, first out.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Both are FIFO confirmed by a dev on forum just 2 days ago.


  1. George Smith said...:

    Yeah I think it may have been lifo at some point but that was unintended and has been fixed.

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