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How to Lose 50 Gold on the Trading Post

"Hey! Thanks for the e-mails, im just starting out on the trading post and am having a relatively hard time finding markets to invest in. I've got ~50+ gold on my account. Basically what im asking for, is tips on how to find items i can invest in. Preferably  items that i don't need to order thousands of to make a few silver profit. Thanks!"


OK Max, I'll play this game. Unfortunately for you, I know that in the end you will probably lose all 50 gold... Unless of course you read the following warnings before diving into the answer to your question:

  1. Avoid investing more than 50% of your money at any one time.
  2. Do not invest all of your capital into any one market or even type of market.
  3. You should use some of your money to experiment each week in new markets, even when you feel comfortable making gold from a select few.
  4. Read the markets I suggest, but then do research on similar markets of the same category on the trading post.
  5. Maybe even look at the same type of market, but at a different level or quality of item.

Alright then, here are a bunch of markets to experiment with. Keep in mind that some of them doubled in price due to me posting about them months ago.









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