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Making Gold From Blueprints

Josh Wrote:

"Hello!  I have been watching a certain market, and wanted to share it with you.  Right now, blueprints could be a very good item to invest in.  With less and less people getting achievement chests, the supply has gone down on the blueprints, and demand is starting to increase.  Many of these are a fraction of the vendor cost, and will go up with some time.  I personally do not have enough gold to do a good investment, buy I figured maybe you would be able to profit in it.  Best of luck!"

I like this idea quite a bit. You take an item that has potential to grow (reward) but currently costs a fraction of what it has in the past (risk). Low risk, high reward. I'm all about it! Thought I'd pass the information on to everyone else so they could take advantage of this long term strategy as well.


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