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Why You Should Get My Email Tips

Adriano, an email subscriber to this site, had this to say about the first 7 tips (there are over 20) currently given out to blog subscribers. This service is free, and you can join as well by signing up on the right side of the blog's interface.

I have blanked out some of the references that give away the better tips. Left a lot in though. Subscribe and you get the rest! Plus all the other emails that come each day with more tips.


here's a summary of what I've learned and achieved from the recent emails you've sent to me:
1) The ----- ----- ----- market works well, as the ---- one but the results come in about a week of time since not many users purchase through instant-buyout.

2) --- ----- ----: always profitable market, especially for -----/----- prefix. Also going to exp another alt or doing Story-mode dungeon with high-MF Gear (about 150, I have 200) will make you loot a lot of gear low-level that could be very profitable (AC/CM on top of all since the 30-40 markets can make you gain 4 silver a piece, even 6+ silver in particular cases).
3) Never ever build a price wall: I learned that being part or mass-selling is the best way to waste profit.
4) Master Salvage Kits are the best way to salvage rares, especially the new Aetherized Salvage Items from the Pirates event ( I obtained even a Charged Core! ). If a rare lowest seller price is higher than the 19 silver I usually undercut by one copper and sell quite fast. Very often only weapons are worth selling, but you must be very careful to some traps like rares sold for too much than their worth (like a rare lv76 torch for 26 silver that it's better to undercut to 22).
5) -------- -------- market is interesting and the more stable to sell without undercutting too much, however it's always a good rule to not buy too much at low level or "big barons" will cut their prices a lot making your buying worthless.
6) ----- tool: love it <3.
7) I still have to work on Craft&Sell but the -------- gear will almost surely go really well without costing too much on mats (especially if I use my stack of mats collected through time)."


  1. Anonymous said...:

    It is truly worth it, got a lot of tips from the E-mails and it has made me a much better flipper.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I don't see a subscribe option? Only twitter, facebook and such - and just your email. No newsletter option.

  1. Markco said...:

    See the green "get crucial tips" on the right top of the blog? That's where you need to go to sign up.

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