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5 Items to Buy For Ascended Crafting Patch


John told us to "brace" ourselves, and my god will we need to now. Guild Wars 2 is going to get its economy ROCKED by massive changes. See article here. What John is really saying is that now is the time to speculate before the whole system explodes with new "equilibriums" for markets (average price changes). To help you guys out, here are five items guaranteed to explode in price after the patch (and already are now!).

1. Glob of Ectoplasm

Being a major ingredient for creating tier 7 materials equals massive changes to how we utilize globs of ectoplasm. The price will explode... possibly to epic proportions. I have invested hundreds of gold into Ectoplasm thanks to the latest article from John.

2. Orichalcum Ore

This is one of the biggest markets you can play right now. It is in the top 10 traded items today and has been for a week. For anyone who doesn't know, this statistic means these items are moving FAST (presumably), as in top 10 fastest items currently. Why? Because of speculation on the use of Orichalcum ore in the next crafting 500 patch. It appears to be one of the most common items for crafters at max level based on the most popular disciplines.

3. Any Tier 5 Material

People will still need to level their crafting disciplines, but now their precious materials will be utilized in some way for tier 7 as well! This will increase demand without increasing supply. If anything, more people will play end game content after the patch, so supply will drop even further! Lower supply, higher demand = kaboom profits!

4. Superior Rune of the Pirate

Apparently this item will swap its magic find bonus for power... excuse me?! Will this be a 1 to 1 percentage change? If so, that's going to be a massive 50% increase to power! There's no way they will let that change go through, but will it be close to 20% maybe? Perhaps it will be a set number of power points? Who knows, but I guarantee you more people will start using this item.

5. Fine, Masterwork, and Rare Armor/Weapons

These items, across the entire leveling scope, will be worth more to players than the trading post after the patch due to the magic find salvaging change. Or will they? I believe that a lot of fine items which currently sell for one copper above vendor cost will indeed increase in value. If you're poor and can't afford to stockpile hundreds or thousands of the other items I've mentioned, try a few leveling and max level fine, masterwork, and rare armor plus weapons.

What do Heavy Bone and Glob of Ectoplasm Have in Common?


Both the heavy bone and glob of ectoplasm are going to skyrocket in price after the crafting 500 patch. So get on those now, but avoid the glob of ectoplasm unless you're already rich. They are quite pricey! That's why I'm recommending the heavy bone in the same sentence, because it provides a much cheaper alternative.

I purchased 50 gold in Glob of Ectoplasm today and 25 in heavy bone. Here's hoping these among the many other speculative items explode after the crafting 500 patch.

For a list of items I've recommended thus far, try these:

Also check out the private forums under Speculation for even more items to invest in. The one item is literally something everyone needs but I've yet to see ANY website mention it as something worth stockpiling for the next patch.

Salvage for Magic Find Patch


"Hey Marcko,
when I read through reddit I found some piece of information I had already forgot about:
Salvaging blues and greens (armor/weapons) will have a chance to permanently increase a player's mf stat.

Obviously, this will increase the value of these items by some amount, but given the abundance of these items I don't know if this will make a notable difference.
I don't really think it is, but do you think buying some of them and saving them up to sell at that occasion will be worth it or should I just continue selling them to vendors (since most of the time they don't sell for more at the TP) and just sell the ones I will get dropped after the mf changes on the TP?
That was probably a stupid question seeing as I almost answered myself, but if you find the time I'd love to hear another opionion about it. But if you don't want to answer I'll just assume stocking up on a few of them is not worth it.

Sargan, I highly recommend NOT stockpiling these. For starters, it's a lot of space in your bags for... how much gold? Probably not much. Most people sell to the vendor (or salvage for higher paying materials) at the moment. Once the magic find changes are in, then I imagine they will salvage instead of selling to the vendor.

What happens to supply and demand in this case? They remain virtually the same, so the price won't rise very much on the trading post!

What does 20 Silver in 10 Minutes Look Like?


This is just over 20 silver in wool scrap profit looks like (after they sold in 10 minutes). It took around 2 minutes for the buy orders to get filled. Why do these items sell so quickly? Because they are only worth a copper to the seller! Super low profit margins like these work great despite the fact that they seem to be an insignificant amount of gold for the time invested.

Let's see, if I were to focus my trading post efforts on three markets like wool scraps (1 copper profit per flip), then I would earn 3 gold 60 silver profit per hour. You can easily play a bunch of markets in between checking every 10 minutes to repost buy orders and collect your gold, so this is by no means a cap on your gold per hour. Instead, it should be supplemental income.

Let's say that you play these 3 markets, 30 minutes a day, for a month. How much gold would you make? Over a hundred gold easy. But wait a second, you're going to take less than 2 minutes to create all your buy orders and list your auctions, so what should you do in the mean time? How about add another 7 markets? That way you're playing 10 markets and making 180 gold per month. That's just 30 minutes of your time! Imagine if you mixed in some speculation, mystic forge, armor flips, exotics, etc? Now perhaps you're starting to see how earning your legendary isn't so difficult if you diversify your markets between super fast 1 copper sellers, one day flips at 5-25% profit, and multiple day 20-100% ones.

The higher your profit range, the longer it will take to buy and flip your items. That's not to say you should avoid all high profit markets, but that you shouldn't tunnel vision all of your attention on them.

Karka Shells And Other Items Making a Come Back


Remember way back when I recommended Karka Shell stockpiling? Well it looks like they are finally starting to make a come back (since the end of July they have doubled in price). I expect them to continue to rise until they get back to around 5 silver each.
This is a great example of why you cannot allow yourself to get carried away when speculating. Remember to follow the five rules of speculating as you prepare for the level 500 crafting patch!

We've been tossing a few other items around the forums in the speculation section, but I'm curious if you have any items you'd like to share on the blog today? For example, anonymous person revealed yesterday that they were stockpiling flawless snowflake since last month, and boy did they make a killing even without the patch!

And guess what, if you reveal something your stockpiling right now, it's only going to help you make even more gold as other people buy out the same item thus raising its value!

This isn't like revealing a market you're flipping or crafting, so feel obligated to share what you're currently stockpiling!

Ok one more item which Kaj emailed to me and I at first only shared with the forum:

Pile of Radiant Dust is a total gamble but right now it's only 22 copper and likely to go up after the patch.


(If you are viewing the front page of the website, then you will have to click the blue comment link at the top to add your own comment.)

Speculating on Level 500 Crafting Patch


We know that the 500 level crafting patch is coming sometime this year, so a lot of my posts will deal with speculating on this topic. Also be sure to join our forum to discuss what’s hot or not for this coming patch! Today, however, I want to get you into the correct mindset for making gold from all changes to the game, not just one patch or update.

Speculation on the Trading Post is not something you pursue when you’re low on gold in order to get lucky and strike it rich. If you need methods for acquiring a starter pool of gold, consider the posts I’ve done on flipping, mystic forging, opening bags, etc. Those are far better strategies than following all the hype on certain items before each patch. Here are the ground rules I have for speculators, and I highly suggest that you follow them.

1.       Keep expectations realistic. I’m more than happy to earn 10-20% of my investment from patch speculation.

2.       Don’t overreact. If an item spikes on patch day, sell most of your lot but not all. There’s always the chance that long term it will continue to increase. Same goes for if the item plummets.

3.       In the end, speculation is gambling to some degree, but you can stack the odds in your favor through research. Play the market like a game of cards, keeping in mind that the masses will likely over-react to any changes in the market. Be cool and don’t follow their lead.

4.       Control the amount of gold you spend on speculating. Use buy orders slowly over time to build up a stockpile, instead of binging all in one day. Look up dollar cost averaging to see what I’m talking about.

5.       Speculate with the gold you’re willing to lose. Don’t sacrifice daily trading post activities for a supposedly “big score” from speculating.

You may be wondering why I bother writing these kinds of things. Perhaps you believe that people won’t change; that they will simply remain ignorant sheep in the mindless trading post flock. Let me tell you a little story… I was playing Black Ops 2 Zombies yesterday and came across someone in a public game who was making fun of me for having such an in depth knowledge of weapons, game mechanics, and strategies. Needless to say, when he was dying by round 20 and I was easily ending each round of our four player game solo, he took noticed and started asking for advice. This blog has a very similar effect on people who are failing at the trading post. They see success, and they want to learn to be like that.

Hence why I write posts like this one. Plus, it’s nice to not name one of my markets only to ruin it for the next two weeks haha. Oh, just curious, anyone interested in a black ops 2 zombies blog? I really enjoy playing that game and am considering creating another site for it, just like my Diablo 3 and Guild Wars 2 blogs.

How much tier 6 materials to stockpile?


I already mentioned that we are covering items to stockpile for the 500 crafting patch on the forums, but here's the link again in case you aren't a member yet. We also are discussing what NOT to speculate on.

Here's an email I received that deals with a question I think could help you.

"Hi.   I was just wondering how certain you are about the prices skyrocketing of tier 6 materials.
Also, if you are so certain, should i be pouring money into buying these materials and just sit on them
until the prices rise?


Pouring is a poor choice. I would suggest 10-20% of your total gold, but don't go crazy. I would also do this slowly over time, maybe 100-250 of a few items each day with buy orders.

If you're thinking about spending all of your gold on lots of tier 6 crafting materials right now, then you're doing the opposite of my advice. Don't blame me when you're broke!

Why Guild Wars 2 Forum Greater Than Free Info


There was a post on the forums from a buyer who wasn't satisfied with what he had purchased. So he wrote a post stating that he wasn't satisfied, and people joined in on the discussion. Towards the end of the thread, a final post really explained what it is you will find on our forum, and more importantly, what you won't find. Thanks Narcky for writing the following! It's been a month or two since you wrote this, but I definitely feel you deserve credit.

"Hmm... Since I've joined I never looked at this thread. Lol

Firstly I have to agree, upon joining you kind of expect amazing things, and by amazing things, I mean specific guides / strategies that make you tons of gold. But that's not really here, there's some cases of that but not really. When I did join the latest post on Marcko's blog received over 20 responses, which made me think there's ton of activity here on the forums. So of course after joining I was initially disappointed.

What IS here though is something much more valuable. The information / strategy / resources to learn how to play the TP VERY effectively, which is something Marcko talks about all the time. Frankly, and I don't mean this with any disrespect at all and it isn't directed at you failth as this goes for anyone and everyone, but if you've read all of the posts here, or even most of the new ones, and still think that you can get all of this knowledge for free elsewhere / isn't worth it then you don't know what you're doing. Or you aren't learning at least and are doing it all wrong.

The information here is invaluable. Even with that aside, anyone here could post a question and you're almost guaranteed to receive a good answer from smart people like Babs (hasn't been on in a short while), Yaso, Moreh, BLP, Marcko himself, etc. You can't just lurk these forums expecting people to do all the work for you in the form of guides or posting what to buy when. You have to post your questions, PM people and just be active about it. I can't tell you how many times I've PM'd people here and gotten VERY in depth responses.

Again, while Marcko has to from time to time, one of the main things Marcko mentions is that he can't just give people information on what to buy, what to buy at, what to sell at and other specifics all around. He can but it's useless and from what I know about the man, it's just not his style. What he does do is show and give you strategy and the examples of his mind set while does what he does. He's the fisherman showing you how to fish.

My outlook when joining and my justification was that I needed to make $15 worth of gold by the end of my 3 months. And that's at Chinese farmer's rate, not gems or w.e. I did that in 1 week from the information I received here. Since then I've learned how to monopolize, manipulate, expand my porfolio, how to find new markets and strategies, etc, etc. I've learned how to play the market. At any given time I can go on the market, right now, and make gold. 20%+ in profits. I understand how to play the margins while other's don't, and more importantly take advantage of them not knowing how to.

Anyways I'm just typing now lol. And again this isn't in response to you directly Failth, you've asked some good questions on the forums. I have just seen complaining lately on the Blog and else where regarding the quality / quantity of these forums and just overall complaints. Plus I just saw this thread and was surprised. Although in all fairness the original posts here are old and the info here was much less. So maybe I'm just talking to myself..."

If you would like to join our private Guild Wars 2 Trading Post Forum, now is the time to give it a shot before level 500 crafting throws the market into chaos! I am promoting here on the blog to increase such discussions.

Trading Post Flipping Questions


Thank you Marlone for the terrific email. I know you're new but stick with it and keep asking questions like these! You're helping a lot of people besides yourself, I guarantee it.

I'm quite new to the TP and I'm struggling to make things work.

I tried flipping some items by now and only few of them actually were good, which did not make enough gold.

So I have a few questions about what kind of items you are flipping (I'm not gonna ask what items exactly, just general advices).

- Do you think flipping overused crafting materials (things like copper, etc), with a net profit of only a few copper coins per material, is a good thing ? (If it is, then I guess you're placing buy orders of ~1000+)
- What about bags of loot ? I have been trying on this market for a while but it didn't really go as planned, nothing really sells.
- Is a lot of buy orders on an item good ?
- Same for sell orders ?

It seems crafting materials are the way to go (some slivers really showed good results on my side), but I always wonder where I should put my "flipping barrier", the limit where I'm gonna say "This material doesn't produce enough gold". Do you put your limit with your feelings or did you set a %profit (per material) for yourself ?

One last question ... is trying to buy expensive weapons or dyes a good thing ? I have placed an order for a destroyer weapon, but I am currently wondering if I am ever gonna get one (selling it will be another problem) : in your experience, leaving an expensive buy order like this one pays off if left enough time ? Or is it a waste of time and money ?

Thank you for reading me.
Your blog really is helpful :) Thanks. "
The bags can be tricky. We have a section of the forum with spreadsheets and tips for selling those bags. If you aren't a member, I would use the wiki for gw2 to look up what can come out of each bag. Then you can decide if it's worth buying (for buy order only of course). When you sell, never sell to the lowest buyer, but instead, undercut the highest seller by one copper. If I see that only one or two people are selling at that price, I look at the item and check to see if maybe I should overcut instead.
I actually just did a post on slivers and a few other items here: http://www.guildwars2tradingpost.com/2013/08/secret-to-getting-gold-for-legendary.html
If you do win that destroyer weapon, be sure to undercut heavily (far more than 1 copper) in order to sell faster.
Placing buy orders and waiting a few days to sell is not a big deal, even if the item only nets you 1 copper at a time. I sold a few thousand wool scraps, for example, in that blog post at 2 copper each. You just want to have a lot more than one market!

Sorry it took a week to respond. Thanks for emailing me!

Secret to Getting Gold for Legendary Items


I've talked previously about flipping armor in order to make 50 gold a week. You know, so you can get your legendary before your future or current child beats you to it in Guild Wars 2. Many people doubted me, so I came up with another strategy I use which these same people can doubt once more.

I hate doing these posts because I kill my markets for around a week, but usually they come roaring back soon after. Keep that in mind for those of you who overreact to my suggestions with all the gold in your bank at the mention of words like "profitable", "easy", or "sure-thing." Ok that last one was a hyphen, but I'm counting it.

Well, today I have a few easy, profitable, sure-thing markets for you to try that I played with the past week. Buy orders were placed Monday and sale orders on Thursday morning. By Thursday night (yesterday) I had all of my investment back and then some. I added these markets to a long list of profitable strategies that I am currently flipping. That's what we like to call "creating a portfolio" in the business world. If you're just randomly finding things to flip, I would suggest keeping track like I do.

Item: Molten Sliver
Bought on Monday for: 5 s 52 c
Profit After Fees Thursday: 69 c

Item: Grape
Bought on Monday for: 75 c
Profit After Fees Thursday: 17 c

Item: Glacial Sliver
Bought on Monday for: 2 s 72 c
Profit After Fees Thursday: 36 c

Item: Small Claw
Bought on Monday for: 87 c
Profit After Fees Thursday: 27 c

Item: Wool Scrap
Bought on Monday for: 33 c
Profit After Fees Thursday: 2 c

I sold anywhere from 50 to 5000 of each item. Total Profit After Fees:

21 Gold 37 Silver

This strategy takes SECONDS PER ITEM to create your buy orders and maybe 30 seconds per item to list. You just have to be willing to wait a few days for orders and sales to complete. Add just a handful of items to this list and you have your 50 gold per week. Include a reliable armor flipping strategy or mystic forge strategy like I show you on the forums or this blog and you'll easily clear 50 gold per week.

That legendary item isn't too far away!

Notice anything about these items? I purposefully included a few outliers like Wool Scraps to make you wonder... is 2 copper profit worth it? Yes, when you sell 5000 of them it sure is.

I'm purposefully keeping this post short and not including all my usual garble about diversification, fee calculations, warnings about over-investing, etc. You can look around the blog and get all that. No, today is about ensuring you that with enough patience and effort, you can easily afford your favorite legendary.

Buy Tier 6 Materials for 500 Crafting Patch


A lot of people like to hear that a certain item is a sure thing for speculating purposes. Well guess what, I definitely found one with a little help from the people on our private forums. They already knew about it and were taking advantage, but now you can as well.

Ever since the Queen's Pavilion patch hit, Tier 6 materials have been flowing into the marketplace. By far, the hardest hit was Gossamer Scraps, falling a total of 50% value in just under a week! Since we know that Tier 6 materials will be needed to level up to 500 crafting, it is a no brainer to stockpile not just Gossamer Scraps, but every Tier 6 material.


Yes I'm shouting as I type that statement. This is a no-brainer as I am sure that all tier 6 materials will skyrocket in value after the next patch.

What do you think?

We also talked on the forums about NOT BUYING one item that I've seen other sites hawk as being a sure thing. Check out this forum post to find out which item I agree is definitely not worth speculating on.

Ecto Salvaging Nerf


I received this question, and wanted to answer it publicly on the blog so there is no confusion.

Hey, I am wondering why ectoplasms are rising in price so heavily. At any other times u've seen t5 decrease in value so has ectos. and the amount of rares that has come into game from farming give even a bigger reason to decrease the value of ectoplasms. not increase them.

The only reason I can think of is a nerf to the chance of ectoplasms. Most people will claim this untrue and it has never been said by Anet.

But i did a bit of testing, just to see. I salvaged 1000 rares and i got back a return of 625 ectoplasms, this might just be that i got extremly unlucky, but i used to make huge amount of gold doing this method 8-9months ago when the difference in t5 and ecto was like it is now. The difference was even lower then, than it is now!

I could probably pull of arround 8-900 ectos from 1000 rares back in those days. keeping a return rate of 80-90% due to the 2-3ectos from the lost ones.

Any information regarding this would be great!

Regards Nikolai"

Glob of Ectoplasm, when I checked, was 24 Silver. The lowest buy out for level 68 rare armor was around 21 silver. So you can't just buy them outright and make a profit. Instead, you have to place buy orders, but how can you do that without understanding the chance of salvaging an ecto? Here's the math....

Rares that are level 68 or higher result in ecto's on average 50% per salvage. Your 625 ectoplasm salvages were lucky and above average! Before the nerf, your 8-900 ectos was actually unlucky, because the average was about 1 ecto per salvage. Previously, you could get up to 3 ectos per salvage, but now you can only get one.

A lot of people still don't understand how this system works, and they place buy orders assuming that they will get 1 glob of ectoplasm per salvage. This screenshot is a very common occurrence!

Instead of people competing around 6 silver for this piece of armor (which would be profitable after salvaging), they prefer to post a crapton of orders around the same price as one of the ectos. Tisk tisk! Shame, really, but you can still make gold if the prices are right on the rares (for buy orders) and ectos (for listings). Do the math and assume 1 ecto per 2 salvages.

New Gold Display


Now that gold shows your total amount across all characters (and not just what you're carrying), it can be a little confusing to calculate how much gold you've made or lost on the Trading Post. I received a question on the new gold display from Johannes which prompted my response.

"Hey Markco. I'm wondering how u manage ur profit after the change of the gold display. I mean normally i used my bank and had my money in it but now i have only my whole gold in my inventory and while I'm playing the game and playing the market I lost control over my profit.

Regards Johannes"

Think of the gold you put into and receive from the Trading Post like a checkbook. Remember check books? Before everything showed up on paperless bank and credit card statements?

Let's say you invest 10 gold in copper. You buy the copper and put it on the auction house for sale. That counts as a 10 gold credit (credit = money owed). The next day, you open the trading post and receive 8 gold. This 8 gold should be counted as a debit, which is money you're owed. 10 gold credit and 8 gold debit mean that you have 2 gold sitting in the Trading Post instead of your pockets.

Instead of keeping track of every single transaction you make in and out of the Trading Post, it is easier to simply have a number that you adjust.

Every time you buy something to sell on the Trading Post, subtract from the number. So buying 10 gold in copper means you are at -10. Let's say you also buy 2 gold in armor for your character to use. That does not count! But then you buy 2 gold worth of lettuce and now you're at -12. Finally, you buy 100 gold worth of garlic because you read my Damn This is a Gold Guide post but not my Careful What You Read on this Blog post. Now you're at -112. The next day you take out 56 gold in profit from the trading post. Now you just add a positive 56 to end up with a -56. Why did I pick those numbers? What a terribly confusing example haha. Anyways, as you continue collecting gold from the Trading Post, you will just keep adding positive values to the number.

Any interaction with the Trading Post should result in a negative or positive factor to your number that you're tracking. What does this number truly represent? Since you aren't including purchases made to better your character but not make you gold (such as the two gold worth of armor in the example), this number is truly your success on the Trading Post. But having a large negative number is not a failure, provided that the items will eventually become a positive. Oh, if you cancel any listings, then the unrefunded fee must count as an additional negative hit to your magic number.

Preparing for the Chinese Trading Post


Let us assume for a moment that the Chinese Trading Post will not be separate from the current "global" one. If you weren't aware, all worlds in Guild Wars 2, even EU and NA ones, share the same trading post. That means I can sell garlic to someone in Germany just as easily as someone on the same server/world as me. There's been a lot of discussion regarding whether the Chinese Trading Post will be part of this global economy or its own entity. There is precedent here for both to exist.

For starters, we already have an EU and NA combined trading post. Countries, especially China, will not want money being transferred to other countries, which is why games like Diablo 3 couldn't have combined auction houses. In this case, the money is paid to ArenaNet for purchasing gems only, not between players. So I can't see why this would be a problem in China. Finally, the Chinese government usually creates separate versions of games because it doesn't want to mix with the values (or lack of values) present in other cultures. For example, World of Warcraft create completely different skins for the undead so that no bones would be visible in the Chinese version. They viewed such displays as extremely graphic and inappropriate. Obviously, these objections extend to all interaction with players from other countries, but guess what, we already have such separation of players with the EU and NA pve/pvp divisions.

In my mind, the only way we won't see a separate trading post is if items are somehow changed between the Chinese and rest of the world versions. If, for example, they remove copper from the game in China, then we won't have compatible Trading Posts.

So let's say I'm right, for the remainder of this post, and discuss how best to prepare for another several million new Guild Wars 2 players.

Preparing for the Chinese Trading Post

Stockpile the following every day:

1. Tier One Materials
2. Skill Points + Dusts
3. Crafting Materials
4. Gems

Tier one materials will almost certainly go up in value. The demand for so many so quickly will overwhelm the current supply. This is a no brainer.

Skill points will be needed for converting your tier one materials into tier two. This will be much cheaper Along with dusts and, since we're being thorough here, one of the tier two version for the Mystic Forge.

Crafting Materials will be a must, and lucky for you there are dozens of items to invest in. I would especially focus on anything that is currently flippable for profit. Most likely this will remain true after the Chinese traders enter the market.

If you invest in gems before the announcement is made for integrating Chinese players into the Trading Post, then most likely you will be in early enough to flip later on. Remember, you need a huge shift in gem price in order to flip for profit because of the obnoxious fees involved. If adding a few million players doesn't do it, then nothing will.

Exotics are also probably worth investing in, but they will suck up your inventory space quickly, so I don't recommend them.

Of all the tips I've recommended, Gems are the riskiest. For those looking to save up small amounts and speculate on this change, try placing buy orders on tier one materials, skill points, dusts, and crafting materials. Get a few hundred each day and begin your stockpile. Don't spend more than 25% of your money on this speculation.

Your Questions Please on the Trading Post


How am I doing guys and girls? This week I got back into daily posting on the blog, after a few weeks of 1-2 posts at a time. Please let me know how things are going and what you want me to focus on in the future. Are examples of my gold making more important to you than theories? Do you prefer step by step instructions over vague ones? Obviously vague answers mean that people who figure the details out do better than those who are struggling, but when everyone understands which items I'm really talking about then competition kills it for everyone. That's why I recommend doing some of your own research into similar items instead of just taking the examples I give you as the gospel truth.

To keep the blog vibrant and alive in the eyes of the Guild Wars 2 fan base, please remain active with linking my posts on reddit, forums, and anywhere else you share information with your fellow players.

Thanks, and remember, you can email me any time with questions and I always get back to you eventually.

Have a good one,

Getting Picky at Picking Items


I am not too picky when it comes to deciding which items I should flip on the trading post. Usually I end up deciding based on the following categories:

Are there are lot of buy and sell orders for the item?
How much profit can I make now, even though I will never sell the same day I buy the item?
What is the highest price for this item in the past week?
What is the lowest?

I then place my buy orders and come back a day or two to see if the price is right for selling.

Tracking your items on a spreadsheet is a really good idea, but you can also use tools like Gold Wars 2. That way everything you need is on one screen, including features like news and community information.

How long does it take to find items worth selling? Take these 8 examples from last week that I covered on the blog. I spent 10 minutes finding them.

Mystic Coin
Small Claw
Wool Scrap
Salvagable Metal Scrap
Pile of Metal Scrap
Crystal Sliver
Glacial Sliver
Molten Sliver

Oh and hey, here's another 50 items to flip.

Try and find some items yourself. Comment below, email me, or just let me know in general how it's going without mentioning the items that you're using.

Getting the First Sale is the Worst Strategy


I don't think people realize just how patient you have to be on the trading post. The entire concept of waiting a day or two after you win all your buy orders seems so foreign that most consider it to be an insane way to play. When you farm monsters, you then sell the resulting loot a moment later. But farming the trading post can't work the same way. Because of the fees and everyone else doing the same thing, it doesn't work or if it does, you make very little profit for the time invested.

This is why flipping armor works so well, even if you are a novice who places hundreds of 1-3 buy orders at a time. You are FORCED to wait because the buy orders never get fulfilled quickly, which means that you end up coming back to the game hours or days later. Patience is forced by necessity.

But with faster moving markets, you can get thousands of buy orders fulfilled in a minute. This leads to the misconception that NOW is the same time to sell as it is to buy. No, no, no! Hold on to those items, wait a day or two just like with the armor! Why? Competition. Your competition is not patient enough, which means that you will have a much easier time selling when they all are finished updercutting each other and the prices go up naturally. You'll make more gold due to the price rising and you'll suffer less losses from cancellation fees.

Some items go up and down fast enough that you can trade within an hour or two of winning your buy orders. But you do not want to trade the same moment you acquire the items. Take your time, watch the market, and strike after everyone else finishes fighting for the first sale.

8 Items I Flipped Last Saturday


Screenshot taken a few minutes after the buy orders were placed.
This past weekend I decided to flip 8 non weapon/armor items in order to show just how much gold you could make with a small number of items on the trading post. I logged in to place the buy orders, then logged in again that night to place the sell orders. Took about 20 minutes total to find the items. I tried to pick a wide variety of items but didn't spend too long looking for them.

The items were purchased with buy orders at:

Mystic Coin - 1 S 98 C
Small Claw - 14 C
Wool Scrap - 32 C
Salvagable Metal Scrap - 60 C
Pile of Metal Scrap - 57 C
Crystal Sliver - 3 S 59 C
Glacial Sliver - 1 S 95 C
Molten Sliver - 5 S 20 C

Profit on these items ranged anywhere from 1 to 50 copper. I bought on Saturday morning and sold on Saturday night. For the more expensive items, I only placed a buy order of 25, but the inexpensive ones were in the 250-1000 range.

I invested 8 gold to get these items and made...

15 Gold

So that's a 7 gold profit in less than 30 minutes of total play time! Taking off the time to find these markets, it was really only a couple of minutes! So each day now I have been using these same markets and making around 5-10 gold. All I do is log in when I wake up and right before I go to bed. ANYONE can do this, which is exactly why I tested it. But there's a catch...

The biggest thing I did right with these items was selling intelligently. I didn't go by the lowest price and subtract 1 copper, but instead looked at the listings in order to find where the next "wall" was. For the wool scraps, I saw that there was a wall of items listed at 42 copper, as in thousands of wool scraps. But then there were like 200 listed at 40 copper. I just posted for 41 copper knowing that the other 40 copper one would be bought out eventually. This was also true for Salvageable metal scraps, but in a much bigger way. There were tons of 1 or 2 buy orders a copper apart, going from 70 copper all the way up to 90 copper. But then there were thousands at 91 copper. So what did I do? I posted at 90 copper knowing that the others would eventually be bought up. I didn't buy them because it would have resulted in a loss after fees, but undercutting those items would have cost me big time! In fact, I would have lost gold in the process.

Instead of waiting for the cheapest item to be worth undercutting, choose the lowest "wall" of thousands of the item and undercut there. Your items will sell overnight, and this saves you a lot of time waiting for the right moment to sell.

Smoking Hot Questions


I received a rather large email from "SmokeyJoe," and if I'm going to take the time necessary to answer it, I might as well make this public so everyone can benefit.
I've been following your blog for a few days now, just recently started flipping on gw2, and first of all i'd like to say thanks for the info you post there, it's helped me a lot and i've made about 20 gold since I first read your blog 4-5 days ago, although it's not much as some people it's the easiest and fastest way i've found to earn gold on the game.
Anyway on of the things I wonder about is flipping armor, i've read around on different sites that lvl 20-35 masterwork armor works best, fine armor sells better, it can work with basic armor and it just makes me confused as to which is better and I don't really want to try and invest in something when there's that much of a difference in people's opinion given that i've just started to get the hang of things and barely making any gold as it is.
I've also gotten in the jam that I find an item that sells good and I start to buy a few of those, 5 maybe 10 max and try to sell, for example Platinum Doubloon which was at the time bought for 2-3s and sold for 9s 90c and I saw a possible profit there, but after getting those 10 and putting them out for sale it went about 2 hours without it getting sold and the prices didn't change either, then after I went to sleep and got up and saw that in my hours of sleep the sell price had gone from 9s 90c to 3s in just a few hours so now i'm stuck without the possibility of selling them and I can't relist cause the price I paid to list them the first time and then relisting + the price drop it's probably gonna cost me and not make me any gold so I wonder if I was just major unlucky this time around or if this is pretty common, if so is there some way of noticing a major turn like that?
When it comes to stuff that sell for a few gold what type of items are safe to go for (trophies, trinkets, weapons etc) cause I have come across items that have a max order price of 1g but are sold for 4-5, I figure I have to look at the amount avalaible but i'm a bit unsure so I was wondering if an experienced pro like you could shed some light on this, when is a high price item safe to go for?
My last question is this, as you can read in the beginning i'm really new to this and making a few gold on a good day but that also limits me to only a few markets cause I feel I barely make any gold as it is and don't want to run the risk of loosing all my money, should I stick to only a few markets or spread out over more?

Right now I stick to XXXXXX, XXXXXX and XXXXXs cause when I order a bunch I get it fast and it sells really fast too so it feels safe cause I don't have to wait long for it to sell and risk the market turning like with the platinum doubloons.
Also could you delete out the items i've listed cause I don't want others to barge in on my market, I do support what you're doing and for revealing some items that are good to flip even if the more flip addicted people get pissed off and want it for themselves, but right now i'm just a featherweight in this world and would like to keep those little markets i've barely discovered on my own for the time being, in the future if I ever get any good at this and start making major gold i'd be happy to reveal some good flippable items.

In advance I would like to thank you if you read my email and again thanks for the blog.



OK Joe, let's look at a few of your questions.

The level 20-35 masterwork armor does indeed sell, but you need to place a ridiculous number of buy orders to get any kind of consistent income. Fine level 1-20 armor is far easier to flip, allowing you to place buy orders of 250 on 5-10 items instead of dozens. You'll also have an easier time listing them versus the 20-35 masterwork stuff.

Regarding your Platinum Doubloon undercutter, I would buy the person out and relist. I wonder, maybe there is a competing item of the same type that you don't know about? Perhaps people are paying far less for a different item that has similar stats. Something to look into! Never assume that you have all the information. For example, gold doubloons costs a few copper and provide 1 less magic find!

I go for weapons and rings when it comes to exotics. However, I win with buy orders and then list for like 50% of the lowest sell order. Exotics are all about creating deals. Those items you see listed for 4x the buy order aren't selling, which is why you can still see them :).

Regarding spreading out to new markets... YES. Spend less time on the markets you currently do so well in, and instead work on finding new ones. Honestly, how hard is it to place a buy order or list items you've bought? The real work is in researching new markets. So spend 20% of your time listing items and the other 80% finding new markets.

I removed the three markets you named that were your favorite. Honestly though, they have been mentioned many times on this blog as consistent earners, so don't worry too much about people knowing them haha.

Secrets for Making Too Gold


I asked a successful forum member to give everyone here a few gold making tips. Thanks Jesse! Here's the email:

The first thing I had to do was the hardest.  Set-up an efficient flipping system that I was satisfied with.  It was a lot of trial and error.  At one point I was discouraged and gave up on it for a about a month.  There are many useful tips and strategies out there, its just I had to find something that I was comfortable with.  Basically, I turned into a habitual thing that requires little thought, like brushing your teeth everyday.  Log in, do my 15 minutes of flipping, and go play the game.

Every Monday I spend 1 hour going through GW2Spidy and editing my flipping list.

Every night (15 minutes total time spent, no more except for Monday) I grab my filled buy orders, cancel unfilled ones, and put my orders to sell.  Also, I pull of any new markets from the list that aren't stable.  

 You will start to notice that there are markets that have been profitable for a very long time and continue to do so.  These markets never leave my list even if there is a small period where they aren't profitable.  My list generally carries around 15-30 markets throughout the week.  I avoid exotics or high priced items.  Investing in those items breaks the continuity.  

Some mental barriers I had to overcome:

- If I get undercut, who cares, re-list it (48 hour rule is good).  It is rare I will loose money doing this.  I always gain with the proper markets.
- Sticking with my stable markets.  At first, I forced myself off those markets thinking that they won't be stable anymore and I needed to get the jump on people.  You will be surprised how some markets are profitable for months.
- Getting too excited about a new market.  Sometimes, I would pump out buy orders for a new market, thinking I'm some sly fox, only to loose a lot of money.  Do I get excited about brushing my teeth everyday? ZOMG! YES I DO, WHO DOESN'T!?!

I hope this is helpful =).

Thanks Again for your help!

Biggest Mistake You Make After Getting 100 Gold


Received this email recently which contained a great question. Getting your first 100 gold can be tricky, but the work doesn't stop when you pass it. I can understand why people have lots of additional questions even after hitting such a great milestone in your trading career. Perhaps there are a lot you out there in the same boat, so here goes:
"Hi Marcko! Name’s Skyr and I signed up for your newsletter and forum about 3-4 weeks ago. I’m absolutely thrilled to say I just reached my 100g milestone today! It might be a small thing for most, but for me this was huge as I had no idea how to play the trading post a couple of weeks back. So thank you so much for all your tips and guides!
I do have a question too, I’ve made my money playing mostly simple markets, armor, weapons and such, but I really struggle with getting into the crafting material and chef supplies markets, do you have any tips for starting out and discovering some of those more fast paced markets? 😊

Again, thank you so much, you’re doing a great job!
Signed, Skyr."
Crafting materials are all about conversions. Ask yourself, can I buy item X and convert it into item Y for a profit? In some cases, the mystic forge can help you earn a profit (look at what I did with claws in the forum under my ideas section). Now, in most cases, crafting requires you to convert material X into crafting material Y, for the purpose of creating weapon/armor/etc Z. The money, for most materials, is in converting them into the crafting material which other crafters will turn around and use to make the finished products (Z in this case).

You can also flip thousands of cheap materials, such as vegetables, without having to convert them. This requires that you do market research on gw2spidy in order to determine what's worth investing in. You should eventually graduate to using tools like GoldWars2.

I think that the fast markets is what you're after, so here's how I play them.

Step 1: Identify the Market

Remember this post on reading the graphs? Use it. Find markets that fluctuate frequently and for 1-3 copper profit. Make sure that there are thousands of items being bought and sold. You can also pay attention to the top 10 trading markets that you see on the right side of the trading post upon opening it.

Step 2: Test the Waters

This could take an hour or it could take days, since not every market fluctuates at the same rate. Purchase with buy orders 99% of the time and be patient. Sometimes copper ore will change 1-2 copper in a single day, or it will take a full week. If you did your research, then you already know what the average value has been in the past month, so you can make wise decisions about purchasing. Since you're using buy orders, you can place very large buy orders below the average amount and just wait for the market to reach that point.

Step 3: Selling in Batches

Try selling 25 of the item at a time. If that goes well, move on to 50, then 100, then 250. Get a feel for how quickly you can unload the items because cancellation fees HURT. It is very unwise to just dump all your stacks of 250 without knowing how the market will react. And here's my best tip: Don't sell the same day you buy these items. That is a huge mistake! Usually the market will go back up, and that means a lot more profit / less competition to deal with.

Step 3 is where most people make the huge mistake of trying to sell the same day they buy. Many people place buy orders and come back online a day or two later to sell off their stock. If your buy orders are getting bought the same day you place them, then in most cases you do not want to sell just yet!

11 Gold In a Night


OK I lied, there was 11 gold in my mail box after a week of not playing Guild Wars 2.

I had sold off around 75% of my inventory of armor items. Here's what I learned:

I can get away with listing 250 of a single armor item if I let it sit for a week and don't cancel. Previously I was listing 250 at a time and 9 times out of 10 they wouldn't all sell, so I'd cancel and relist the next day or two. While this was still profitable, it was no where near as profitable as letting the vast majority of my items sell.

Now, instead of baby sitting the armor auctions, I can let them sit on the trading post while working on other markets during the week.

In some rare cases, around 100-200 of each item sold, but because my profit margins were so big, it didn't hurt me to cancel those last 50-150 unsold items.

This is how you need to analyze the trading post, with patience and persistence. How many items can you post? When should you cancel? How much should you undercut? How do you calculate a good time to buy?

With regards to how many items you post, I can't find the link (sorry), but here's the gist of the article:

Post 2 of an item, if they sell in a certain period of time (how ever frequently you are going to check the trading post) then go ahead and list 4 next time. Then 8, then 16, until you start noticing that you can't sell them all. For some people, this time period might be an hour or it might be a week, but the method is the same regardless. Once you find the magic average number of how many items you can sell between trading post sessions, you will no longer have to worry about wasting time canceling and relisting auctions.

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