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11 Gold In a Night

OK I lied, there was 11 gold in my mail box after a week of not playing Guild Wars 2.

I had sold off around 75% of my inventory of armor items. Here's what I learned:

I can get away with listing 250 of a single armor item if I let it sit for a week and don't cancel. Previously I was listing 250 at a time and 9 times out of 10 they wouldn't all sell, so I'd cancel and relist the next day or two. While this was still profitable, it was no where near as profitable as letting the vast majority of my items sell.

Now, instead of baby sitting the armor auctions, I can let them sit on the trading post while working on other markets during the week.

In some rare cases, around 100-200 of each item sold, but because my profit margins were so big, it didn't hurt me to cancel those last 50-150 unsold items.

This is how you need to analyze the trading post, with patience and persistence. How many items can you post? When should you cancel? How much should you undercut? How do you calculate a good time to buy?

With regards to how many items you post, I can't find the link (sorry), but here's the gist of the article:

Post 2 of an item, if they sell in a certain period of time (how ever frequently you are going to check the trading post) then go ahead and list 4 next time. Then 8, then 16, until you start noticing that you can't sell them all. For some people, this time period might be an hour or it might be a week, but the method is the same regardless. Once you find the magic average number of how many items you can sell between trading post sessions, you will no longer have to worry about wasting time canceling and relisting auctions.


  1. Sammy Joe said...:

    Just a quick question about the fee you have to pay for posting items for sale.
    Does the sell price stay the same with smaller amount or do you pay more in total when you sell in larger numbers?
    I can explain further, let's say you have 50 of one item, now does the fee I pay become the same even if I post them one at a time as it would if I post all at the same time or do you perhaps save money on putting them out one by one?
    Just asking cause in case I have 4-5 of the same item I'd rather post them one by one and save a few coins (like the saying goes a penny saved is a penny earned) instead of posting all at once.

  1. Sammy Joe said...:

    When buying larger amounts (50 or more) of an item what should I towards the most, supply or demand? or both?

  1. Anonymous said...:


    this is simple math. Let's say that you have 15% taxes.
    If you sell 1 item for 100c (1silver) , the taxes will be 15c.
    If you sell a stack of 10 items of 100c each (total = 1000c or 10silver), the taxes will be 150c (or 1s50c)., wich is 15c per item.

    This is how percentage (and multiplication) works. You multiply the taxes by the number of items you have, so its the same thing if you sell 1 item or a stack of X items:

    0,85*X + 0,85*X + 0,85*X = 0,85*(3*X)

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