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5 Items to Buy For Ascended Crafting Patch

John told us to "brace" ourselves, and my god will we need to now. Guild Wars 2 is going to get its economy ROCKED by massive changes. See article here. What John is really saying is that now is the time to speculate before the whole system explodes with new "equilibriums" for markets (average price changes). To help you guys out, here are five items guaranteed to explode in price after the patch (and already are now!).

1. Glob of Ectoplasm

Being a major ingredient for creating tier 7 materials equals massive changes to how we utilize globs of ectoplasm. The price will explode... possibly to epic proportions. I have invested hundreds of gold into Ectoplasm thanks to the latest article from John.

2. Orichalcum Ore

This is one of the biggest markets you can play right now. It is in the top 10 traded items today and has been for a week. For anyone who doesn't know, this statistic means these items are moving FAST (presumably), as in top 10 fastest items currently. Why? Because of speculation on the use of Orichalcum ore in the next crafting 500 patch. It appears to be one of the most common items for crafters at max level based on the most popular disciplines.

3. Any Tier 5 Material

People will still need to level their crafting disciplines, but now their precious materials will be utilized in some way for tier 7 as well! This will increase demand without increasing supply. If anything, more people will play end game content after the patch, so supply will drop even further! Lower supply, higher demand = kaboom profits!

4. Superior Rune of the Pirate

Apparently this item will swap its magic find bonus for power... excuse me?! Will this be a 1 to 1 percentage change? If so, that's going to be a massive 50% increase to power! There's no way they will let that change go through, but will it be close to 20% maybe? Perhaps it will be a set number of power points? Who knows, but I guarantee you more people will start using this item.

5. Fine, Masterwork, and Rare Armor/Weapons

These items, across the entire leveling scope, will be worth more to players than the trading post after the patch due to the magic find salvaging change. Or will they? I believe that a lot of fine items which currently sell for one copper above vendor cost will indeed increase in value. If you're poor and can't afford to stockpile hundreds or thousands of the other items I've mentioned, try a few leveling and max level fine, masterwork, and rare armor plus weapons.


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