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Buy Tier 6 Materials for 500 Crafting Patch

A lot of people like to hear that a certain item is a sure thing for speculating purposes. Well guess what, I definitely found one with a little help from the people on our private forums. They already knew about it and were taking advantage, but now you can as well.

Ever since the Queen's Pavilion patch hit, Tier 6 materials have been flowing into the marketplace. By far, the hardest hit was Gossamer Scraps, falling a total of 50% value in just under a week! Since we know that Tier 6 materials will be needed to level up to 500 crafting, it is a no brainer to stockpile not just Gossamer Scraps, but every Tier 6 material.


Yes I'm shouting as I type that statement. This is a no-brainer as I am sure that all tier 6 materials will skyrocket in value after the next patch.

What do you think?

We also talked on the forums about NOT BUYING one item that I've seen other sites hawk as being a sure thing. Check out this forum post to find out which item I agree is definitely not worth speculating on.


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