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Ecto Salvaging Nerf

I received this question, and wanted to answer it publicly on the blog so there is no confusion.

Hey, I am wondering why ectoplasms are rising in price so heavily. At any other times u've seen t5 decrease in value so has ectos. and the amount of rares that has come into game from farming give even a bigger reason to decrease the value of ectoplasms. not increase them.

The only reason I can think of is a nerf to the chance of ectoplasms. Most people will claim this untrue and it has never been said by Anet.

But i did a bit of testing, just to see. I salvaged 1000 rares and i got back a return of 625 ectoplasms, this might just be that i got extremly unlucky, but i used to make huge amount of gold doing this method 8-9months ago when the difference in t5 and ecto was like it is now. The difference was even lower then, than it is now!

I could probably pull of arround 8-900 ectos from 1000 rares back in those days. keeping a return rate of 80-90% due to the 2-3ectos from the lost ones.

Any information regarding this would be great!

Regards Nikolai"

Glob of Ectoplasm, when I checked, was 24 Silver. The lowest buy out for level 68 rare armor was around 21 silver. So you can't just buy them outright and make a profit. Instead, you have to place buy orders, but how can you do that without understanding the chance of salvaging an ecto? Here's the math....

Rares that are level 68 or higher result in ecto's on average 50% per salvage. Your 625 ectoplasm salvages were lucky and above average! Before the nerf, your 8-900 ectos was actually unlucky, because the average was about 1 ecto per salvage. Previously, you could get up to 3 ectos per salvage, but now you can only get one.

A lot of people still don't understand how this system works, and they place buy orders assuming that they will get 1 glob of ectoplasm per salvage. This screenshot is a very common occurrence!

Instead of people competing around 6 silver for this piece of armor (which would be profitable after salvaging), they prefer to post a crapton of orders around the same price as one of the ectos. Tisk tisk! Shame, really, but you can still make gold if the prices are right on the rares (for buy orders) and ectos (for listings). Do the math and assume 1 ecto per 2 salvages.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Mystic Salvage Kit: 0,91-0,96

  1. Markco said...:

    Be sure to factor in the cost of each kit.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Are you sure its 50% ecto per salvaged rare? You can still get 3 ectos per 1 salvage, I just tested it. I also tested a small sample and got around 1 ecto per salvage (wiki says its 90% average return)

    Ectos are 29s atm. Do you think its because the upgrade to 500 craft lvl?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    This response is untrue. If anything, I have seen an average increase in my ecto salvage rates, and commonly see 2-3 ectos from rare salvages. The RNG gods are playing the game.

    Ectos and T6 mats are up for two reasons:

    1. 500 crafting (I predict Anet will release new recipes with the new crafting materials which will turn this on its head and burn a lot of investors hoping for skyrocketing of the existing T6 prices)

    2. Legendaries. Price of precursors shot up because of demand and available capital to make the purchase (through the Chaos farming). Check the increase in dungeon activity. People with precursors are rushing to get their mats together in advance of the also coming changes to the Legendary graphics.

    When SAB comes, there may be a temporary drop in materials supply (and gold into the economy) if the new SAB levels aren't laden with treasure. If the invasions are still happening, there will be a clear split between gold farmers and "non farming" players between the two live stories. It should cause some interesting shifts in the market.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I've found over the last two months of salvaging all my rares- that ectos must have been nerfed. I can still on occasion get 3 ectos from 1 rare, but that "rarely" happens. I'll usually hold back about 50 rares then burn through them all. I used to get more ectos then i had rares, but now i find i'm getting a lot less. maybe say 3 ectos every 10 rares(most of the time). I'm using master salvaging kits and i find its much more worth it to sell the rare n just order the ecto.

  1. Voltorsfury said...:

    I did a search on this topic because I have noticed a major drop in my ecto return ratio and found this post. I try to keep track of the returns, and up until last week, like the previous poster said, I was getting more ectos then I had rares to salvage. Its seems the 29th update, the Tower of Madness update, totally killed my returns. I am averaging about .45-.5 now as opposed to 1.XX total. Today alone I salvaged 10 rare pieces clearing inventory, and 8 of them gave me nothing! I only broke about half because 1 of the 2 that actually returned something, gave me 3 back. I use Black Lion Salvage kits for the best return ratio, but am wondering if I should start just using masters as its not worth it for this ratio.

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