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Getting Picky at Picking Items

I am not too picky when it comes to deciding which items I should flip on the trading post. Usually I end up deciding based on the following categories:

Are there are lot of buy and sell orders for the item?
How much profit can I make now, even though I will never sell the same day I buy the item?
What is the highest price for this item in the past week?
What is the lowest?

I then place my buy orders and come back a day or two to see if the price is right for selling.

Tracking your items on a spreadsheet is a really good idea, but you can also use tools like Gold Wars 2. That way everything you need is on one screen, including features like news and community information.

How long does it take to find items worth selling? Take these 8 examples from last week that I covered on the blog. I spent 10 minutes finding them.

Mystic Coin
Small Claw
Wool Scrap
Salvagable Metal Scrap
Pile of Metal Scrap
Crystal Sliver
Glacial Sliver
Molten Sliver

Oh and hey, here's another 50 items to flip.

Try and find some items yourself. Comment below, email me, or just let me know in general how it's going without mentioning the items that you're using.


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