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Karka Shells And Other Items Making a Come Back

Remember way back when I recommended Karka Shell stockpiling? Well it looks like they are finally starting to make a come back (since the end of July they have doubled in price). I expect them to continue to rise until they get back to around 5 silver each.
This is a great example of why you cannot allow yourself to get carried away when speculating. Remember to follow the five rules of speculating as you prepare for the level 500 crafting patch!

We've been tossing a few other items around the forums in the speculation section, but I'm curious if you have any items you'd like to share on the blog today? For example, anonymous person revealed yesterday that they were stockpiling flawless snowflake since last month, and boy did they make a killing even without the patch!

And guess what, if you reveal something your stockpiling right now, it's only going to help you make even more gold as other people buy out the same item thus raising its value!

This isn't like revealing a market you're flipping or crafting, so feel obligated to share what you're currently stockpiling!

Ok one more item which Kaj emailed to me and I at first only shared with the forum:

Pile of Radiant Dust is a total gamble but right now it's only 22 copper and likely to go up after the patch.


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  1. Keenan Wilson said...:

    Claws are cheap at the minute and the ripple effect from the level 400 crafting material prices increase may increase the price of them. You can currently buy them for 34 copper. As always with speculation its a gamble still.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    radiant has had a upwards flow since january with a sudden drop due to event... no reason why it wont raise to 50-75c or more. since most players are in lev 80 zones outside the events supply wil drop again while demand will remain at 100k, looks like a pretty save investment to me. only i bought them at 18c and they are 40 already.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Snowflake anon here, just want to help anyone who is low on gold atm that the skillpoint->gold market is pretty awesome now since skillpoints are so easily obtainable and the crafting material market jumping alot. If you have the time go check it out!

    Google: Skillpoint to gold spreadsheet

  1. killaloop said...:

    what do you guys think about "platinum doubloons", will they start making an appearence in the crafting sector or will it just fail because of the removal of magic find?

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