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Salvage for Magic Find Patch

"Hey Marcko,
when I read through reddit I found some piece of information I had already forgot about:
Salvaging blues and greens (armor/weapons) will have a chance to permanently increase a player's mf stat.

Obviously, this will increase the value of these items by some amount, but given the abundance of these items I don't know if this will make a notable difference.
I don't really think it is, but do you think buying some of them and saving them up to sell at that occasion will be worth it or should I just continue selling them to vendors (since most of the time they don't sell for more at the TP) and just sell the ones I will get dropped after the mf changes on the TP?
That was probably a stupid question seeing as I almost answered myself, but if you find the time I'd love to hear another opionion about it. But if you don't want to answer I'll just assume stocking up on a few of them is not worth it.

Sargan, I highly recommend NOT stockpiling these. For starters, it's a lot of space in your bags for... how much gold? Probably not much. Most people sell to the vendor (or salvage for higher paying materials) at the moment. Once the magic find changes are in, then I imagine they will salvage instead of selling to the vendor.

What happens to supply and demand in this case? They remain virtually the same, so the price won't rise very much on the trading post!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    I'm worried about if salvage->MF patch will make the flipping of low level blues and greens unprofitable. Or you think the difference between buy/sell orders won't change much?

    Thats currently the way I'm making most money right now, flipping blues for double the price i bought them.

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