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Secret to Getting Gold for Legendary Items

I've talked previously about flipping armor in order to make 50 gold a week. You know, so you can get your legendary before your future or current child beats you to it in Guild Wars 2. Many people doubted me, so I came up with another strategy I use which these same people can doubt once more.

I hate doing these posts because I kill my markets for around a week, but usually they come roaring back soon after. Keep that in mind for those of you who overreact to my suggestions with all the gold in your bank at the mention of words like "profitable", "easy", or "sure-thing." Ok that last one was a hyphen, but I'm counting it.

Well, today I have a few easy, profitable, sure-thing markets for you to try that I played with the past week. Buy orders were placed Monday and sale orders on Thursday morning. By Thursday night (yesterday) I had all of my investment back and then some. I added these markets to a long list of profitable strategies that I am currently flipping. That's what we like to call "creating a portfolio" in the business world. If you're just randomly finding things to flip, I would suggest keeping track like I do.

Item: Molten Sliver
Bought on Monday for: 5 s 52 c
Profit After Fees Thursday: 69 c

Item: Grape
Bought on Monday for: 75 c
Profit After Fees Thursday: 17 c

Item: Glacial Sliver
Bought on Monday for: 2 s 72 c
Profit After Fees Thursday: 36 c

Item: Small Claw
Bought on Monday for: 87 c
Profit After Fees Thursday: 27 c

Item: Wool Scrap
Bought on Monday for: 33 c
Profit After Fees Thursday: 2 c

I sold anywhere from 50 to 5000 of each item. Total Profit After Fees:

21 Gold 37 Silver

This strategy takes SECONDS PER ITEM to create your buy orders and maybe 30 seconds per item to list. You just have to be willing to wait a few days for orders and sales to complete. Add just a handful of items to this list and you have your 50 gold per week. Include a reliable armor flipping strategy or mystic forge strategy like I show you on the forums or this blog and you'll easily clear 50 gold per week.

That legendary item isn't too far away!

Notice anything about these items? I purposefully included a few outliers like Wool Scraps to make you wonder... is 2 copper profit worth it? Yes, when you sell 5000 of them it sure is.

I'm purposefully keeping this post short and not including all my usual garble about diversification, fee calculations, warnings about over-investing, etc. You can look around the blog and get all that. No, today is about ensuring you that with enough patience and effort, you can easily afford your favorite legendary.


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