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Secrets for Making Too Gold

I asked a successful forum member to give everyone here a few gold making tips. Thanks Jesse! Here's the email:

The first thing I had to do was the hardest.  Set-up an efficient flipping system that I was satisfied with.  It was a lot of trial and error.  At one point I was discouraged and gave up on it for a about a month.  There are many useful tips and strategies out there, its just I had to find something that I was comfortable with.  Basically, I turned into a habitual thing that requires little thought, like brushing your teeth everyday.  Log in, do my 15 minutes of flipping, and go play the game.

Every Monday I spend 1 hour going through GW2Spidy and editing my flipping list.

Every night (15 minutes total time spent, no more except for Monday) I grab my filled buy orders, cancel unfilled ones, and put my orders to sell.  Also, I pull of any new markets from the list that aren't stable.  

 You will start to notice that there are markets that have been profitable for a very long time and continue to do so.  These markets never leave my list even if there is a small period where they aren't profitable.  My list generally carries around 15-30 markets throughout the week.  I avoid exotics or high priced items.  Investing in those items breaks the continuity.  

Some mental barriers I had to overcome:

- If I get undercut, who cares, re-list it (48 hour rule is good).  It is rare I will loose money doing this.  I always gain with the proper markets.
- Sticking with my stable markets.  At first, I forced myself off those markets thinking that they won't be stable anymore and I needed to get the jump on people.  You will be surprised how some markets are profitable for months.
- Getting too excited about a new market.  Sometimes, I would pump out buy orders for a new market, thinking I'm some sly fox, only to loose a lot of money.  Do I get excited about brushing my teeth everyday? ZOMG! YES I DO, WHO DOESN'T!?!

I hope this is helpful =).

Thanks Again for your help!


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