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Trading Post Flipping Questions

Thank you Marlone for the terrific email. I know you're new but stick with it and keep asking questions like these! You're helping a lot of people besides yourself, I guarantee it.

I'm quite new to the TP and I'm struggling to make things work.

I tried flipping some items by now and only few of them actually were good, which did not make enough gold.

So I have a few questions about what kind of items you are flipping (I'm not gonna ask what items exactly, just general advices).

- Do you think flipping overused crafting materials (things like copper, etc), with a net profit of only a few copper coins per material, is a good thing ? (If it is, then I guess you're placing buy orders of ~1000+)
- What about bags of loot ? I have been trying on this market for a while but it didn't really go as planned, nothing really sells.
- Is a lot of buy orders on an item good ?
- Same for sell orders ?

It seems crafting materials are the way to go (some slivers really showed good results on my side), but I always wonder where I should put my "flipping barrier", the limit where I'm gonna say "This material doesn't produce enough gold". Do you put your limit with your feelings or did you set a %profit (per material) for yourself ?

One last question ... is trying to buy expensive weapons or dyes a good thing ? I have placed an order for a destroyer weapon, but I am currently wondering if I am ever gonna get one (selling it will be another problem) : in your experience, leaving an expensive buy order like this one pays off if left enough time ? Or is it a waste of time and money ?

Thank you for reading me.
Your blog really is helpful :) Thanks. "
The bags can be tricky. We have a section of the forum with spreadsheets and tips for selling those bags. If you aren't a member, I would use the wiki for gw2 to look up what can come out of each bag. Then you can decide if it's worth buying (for buy order only of course). When you sell, never sell to the lowest buyer, but instead, undercut the highest seller by one copper. If I see that only one or two people are selling at that price, I look at the item and check to see if maybe I should overcut instead.
I actually just did a post on slivers and a few other items here: http://www.guildwars2tradingpost.com/2013/08/secret-to-getting-gold-for-legendary.html
If you do win that destroyer weapon, be sure to undercut heavily (far more than 1 copper) in order to sell faster.
Placing buy orders and waiting a few days to sell is not a big deal, even if the item only nets you 1 copper at a time. I sold a few thousand wool scraps, for example, in that blog post at 2 copper each. You just want to have a lot more than one market!

Sorry it took a week to respond. Thanks for emailing me!


  1. Ryan said...:

    When trying to sell something expensive like a destroyer weapon, use a website like gw2spidy to see what price the weapon actually sold at.

    Here's an example of one: http://www.gw2spidy.com/item/36919

    Where the green line goes down is an instance of getting undercut. Where the green line goes up is an instance of either the item selling, or the seller removing their listing. It doesn't make sense that someone would remove their listing, considering how high the listing fees are for an item this expensive, and considering the fact that they're the lowest listing. Because of this, you can assume that this means they sold.

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