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What do Heavy Bone and Glob of Ectoplasm Have in Common?

Both the heavy bone and glob of ectoplasm are going to skyrocket in price after the crafting 500 patch. So get on those now, but avoid the glob of ectoplasm unless you're already rich. They are quite pricey! That's why I'm recommending the heavy bone in the same sentence, because it provides a much cheaper alternative.

I purchased 50 gold in Glob of Ectoplasm today and 25 in heavy bone. Here's hoping these among the many other speculative items explode after the crafting 500 patch.

For a list of items I've recommended thus far, try these:

Also check out the private forums under Speculation for even more items to invest in. The one item is literally something everyone needs but I've yet to see ANY website mention it as something worth stockpiling for the next patch.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Why the heavy bone in particular? I don't see any big movements on it...

  1. Charrnold said...:

    I'm interested why you think heavy bones are going to explode after the patch? Ecto's are a no-brainer, it really wouldn't surprise me if making t7 mats involved t5+t6+ecto+timegated mats to craft. Don't you think t5 bloods and scales are much more likely to go up, for crafting berserkers and knights insignias, specifically berserkers, as that will be the most popular weapon choice by far?

  1. Sargan said...:

    To answer your question (even though I am not Markco), I think bones are going to spike because they will most likely be used (as one of the lower priced t6 mats) in leveling professions to 500. As far as I am aware (been a while since I last leveled a crafting profession), carrion is one of the most crafted stat for leveling a profession because of the high supply of bones (orr drops a lot of bones, see dolyak farming/champ rotations). Just my 2 copper and I could be completely off here.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Yeah , ancient bones, but heavy bones not?

  1. If you have watched the stream in which they showed how the crafting is gonna work, you know you will need globs, but you also need tier 2 3 4 and 5 crafting materials. I am not sure about the special craftng mats but things like mithril ingot and darksteel ingot are most certainly gonna be needed. They make you use older crafting mats to bring the price up by a lot and so you need that stuff. You could also rewatch the stream and try making those items you can only make once a day real fast when the patch comes out and fill in buy orders when they're still high because of the rich players that want to have an ascended weapon fast.

  1. Sargan said...:

    Some people will still have to level their professions. Don't forget you can mystic forge heavy bones into ancient ones, too.

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