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Why Guild Wars 2 Forum Greater Than Free Info

There was a post on the forums from a buyer who wasn't satisfied with what he had purchased. So he wrote a post stating that he wasn't satisfied, and people joined in on the discussion. Towards the end of the thread, a final post really explained what it is you will find on our forum, and more importantly, what you won't find. Thanks Narcky for writing the following! It's been a month or two since you wrote this, but I definitely feel you deserve credit.

"Hmm... Since I've joined I never looked at this thread. Lol

Firstly I have to agree, upon joining you kind of expect amazing things, and by amazing things, I mean specific guides / strategies that make you tons of gold. But that's not really here, there's some cases of that but not really. When I did join the latest post on Marcko's blog received over 20 responses, which made me think there's ton of activity here on the forums. So of course after joining I was initially disappointed.

What IS here though is something much more valuable. The information / strategy / resources to learn how to play the TP VERY effectively, which is something Marcko talks about all the time. Frankly, and I don't mean this with any disrespect at all and it isn't directed at you failth as this goes for anyone and everyone, but if you've read all of the posts here, or even most of the new ones, and still think that you can get all of this knowledge for free elsewhere / isn't worth it then you don't know what you're doing. Or you aren't learning at least and are doing it all wrong.

The information here is invaluable. Even with that aside, anyone here could post a question and you're almost guaranteed to receive a good answer from smart people like Babs (hasn't been on in a short while), Yaso, Moreh, BLP, Marcko himself, etc. You can't just lurk these forums expecting people to do all the work for you in the form of guides or posting what to buy when. You have to post your questions, PM people and just be active about it. I can't tell you how many times I've PM'd people here and gotten VERY in depth responses.

Again, while Marcko has to from time to time, one of the main things Marcko mentions is that he can't just give people information on what to buy, what to buy at, what to sell at and other specifics all around. He can but it's useless and from what I know about the man, it's just not his style. What he does do is show and give you strategy and the examples of his mind set while does what he does. He's the fisherman showing you how to fish.

My outlook when joining and my justification was that I needed to make $15 worth of gold by the end of my 3 months. And that's at Chinese farmer's rate, not gems or w.e. I did that in 1 week from the information I received here. Since then I've learned how to monopolize, manipulate, expand my porfolio, how to find new markets and strategies, etc, etc. I've learned how to play the market. At any given time I can go on the market, right now, and make gold. 20%+ in profits. I understand how to play the margins while other's don't, and more importantly take advantage of them not knowing how to.

Anyways I'm just typing now lol. And again this isn't in response to you directly Failth, you've asked some good questions on the forums. I have just seen complaining lately on the Blog and else where regarding the quality / quantity of these forums and just overall complaints. Plus I just saw this thread and was surprised. Although in all fairness the original posts here are old and the info here was much less. So maybe I'm just talking to myself..."

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