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Flipping Guide Part 1

The speculation craze is mostly over, at least for the get rich quick types, so we should probably return to our regularly scheduled programming... consistent gold earners and playing the trading post properly. Today you have a little scavenger hunt to complete. Bear with me as this will teach you a lot!

Find the following three markets:

1. A piece of armor (Below Level 20) that sells for 2x its buy order price.
2. Find a cooking ingredient you can flip for 10 copper but who's buy order costs less than 3 silver.
3. Look for a crafting material that can earn you 1-5 copper per flip with less than 1 silver buy order.

If you're lost on how to figure out the profitability of a market, you need to read this guide.

These three items will be used in your next assignment. So take your time and write down your answers! Once you have your markets, proceed like so:

1. Place 50 buy orders on the armor.
2. Place 250 buy orders on the cooking ingredient.
3. Place 1000 buy orders on the crafting material.

Let's check back tomorrow to see how you did! This is what I call diversifying and building a portfolio; it's crucial to your success that you write down everything. Jot down the name, buy order, and sell order prices.

Once you get the hang of identifying markets and playing them consistently, you'll see profits like I do every day.

Who needs speculation anyway?

Want to see the next post? Go to Flipping Guide Part 2.


  1. Terrasixx said...:

    Hahaha. Kudos to you, sir!

    This was fun xD. I think I might have found them all, except for the armor, in which I narrowed my finds to 5 winners.

    The hunt was a piece of cake with GoldWars2.

  1. Markco said...:

    Nice part about this guide is that many people will come up with completely different items for the same search criteria. Which will hopefully enable everyone to win from the guide! Tomorrow we will work on expanding the portfolio further while making money from the successful buy orders.

  1. Xenoroth said...:

    Awesome post was both fun to make my portfolio and super helpful with getting me motivated to get into the TP side of the game. also your blogs awesome.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I found this very useful and a great learning tool. Learning how to find items that will sell yourself is much more important than some do this to make money.

  1. Samski said...:

    Nice little guide :) I have just made the change from Grinding mobs to TP flipping so still need to learn alot.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    With "cooking ingredient", do you mean crafted ingredients (like Bowl of Roux) or "pure" ingredients, such as Mushroom? Does "crafting material" mean "pure" ingredients like Thin Leather Section or crafted ingredients (ex. Jute Tunic Lining)?

  1. 5argan said...:

    to answer the last question, both work though the "raw" materials tend to sell faster (as they are used in more recipes), however the profit margin on refined materials usually is quite high (I've seen sell prices more than 3x the buy prices).

  1. Anonymous said...:

    This is very late, however I noticed the following - if I buy 1000 crafting materials at 70c e.g. and sell them at 80c, I won't make a profit according to tpcalc.com:

    Revenue 8g0s0c
    – Cost 7g0s0c
    – Listing Fee 40s0c
    – Sale Fee 80s0c

    = Profit -20s0 c

    Anything I'm doing wrong?

  1. Unoi said...:

    You are right. The TP takes 5% of your possible selling when you put up the auction and then it takes another 10% when you sell the item.
    So if you buy a thing at 70c/ea you have to sell it at 70c/.85 (how you can easily find how much you have to sell it to do a profit) . And the result is 82c :)
    So, if you sell it at 80c you'll have a 2c/ea loss ( :( ), if you sell at 82 you won't have profit or losses, but if you sell it at 83 you'll have 1c/ea profit :) and so on.
    I hope I've explained it well :)

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