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Flipping Guide Part 3

See the original gold guide for reference purposes.

After you made your money from part 1 buy orders and part 2 listing your auctions, did you think about what the third step in my flipping guide would be? First of all, I want you to re-use the same three markets that you found over and over again. You should be documenting the item name, buy order, and sale order combinations every single time as well. Think about this advice though, as learning to optimize the price you buy and sell at will only go so far in terms of increasing your gold per day. How about we look into acquiring a few more markets for yourself?

For today's scavenger hunt, I want you to find another item from each of the categories I told you to initially investigate. That's low level armor, crafting materials, and cooking ingredients. This will bring your total markets to six. In addition to these, I want you to try a whole new one: bags.

Not just any bags though; focus on the high end expensive ones only (like 8+ silver to buy outright). This will take some time, as there are plenty of odd prices (both on the buy and sell order side) for you to sift through.

Let's do the buying and selling advice all in one post this time.

Do not be discouraged if you have trouble getting the bags through buy orders. They move very quickly in terms of supply and price. Be ready to get your buy orders overwhelmed by more expensive ones while you're logged off the game, or even worse, for you to have to wait days for prices to recover so that your listed auctions will sell. You will definitely want to sell these for 1 copper less than the nearest wall of prices like I showed you in part 2 of the guide.

I highly advise not selling huge numbers of bags at a time, maybe sticking to 25-50 each time you list. Especially because these items fluctuate heavily in price for a variety of reasons (items they turn into fluctuating, patch news, internet news like this blog posts, individual players buying huge amounts to gamble on crafting ingredients, etc.).

If you're looking for new and exciting markets, I highly recommend using the "Markco's Crazy Thoughts" section of the forum (members only sorry!).

After completing part 3 of the flipping guide, you will now be up to seven markets! Keep recording the data and don't lose track of which markets you're playing. Next time we'll get into one of the most volatile and dangerous markets...

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