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Flipping Guide Part 4

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Your scavenger hunt continues! Look for level 62-80 exotic armor. You are searching for items with a buy order price of around 50-70% of the listing price. Notice anything similar between these prices and what you've been working with already? They are around the same ratio in terms of profit on your investment. Only difference is now you're working with gold instead of silver! I like to focus on whatever armor is currently popular online, such as the "of the traveler" set thanks to the removal of magic find gear. Here's a tip: search for whatever armor you're currently using. Don't worry about if the item is less than level 80, the level 62 stuff still sells just as well if not more (less competition, still plenty of buyers).

I found a particular pair of leg armor, level 62, that I bought for 9 gold buy order and sold for 14 gold listing. That's a profit of ~3 gold after fees. 9 gold in, just under 3 gold back, all in a matter of an hour for that one auction.

If you'd like to sell a lot faster, you can sell for a smaller profit margin, but please make sure that you still get a gold back! For example, I could have undercut the other sellers by a gold on that 14 gold listing and instead made 2 gold back. This will greatly increase the odds of you selling without too many undercutters showing up.

So let's say that you do get undercut, a lot, while attempting to flip exotics. Live with it and leave the item up for as long as you can stand it. For me that's two weeks, for others that might be a day lol. That's probably too fast... The number one rule when playing exotics is to play them in moderation. There are no guaranteed winners and you will end up waiting on auctions more than you'd like. Just part of the game, so don't make it a huge part of your portfolio.

Play a maximum of three pieces of armor. You can sort by buyout if you'd like to find the cheaper items, but I find the most profitable ones are right in the middle of the listing. Probably because less people take the time to find them and place their buy orders!


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