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Flipping Guide Part 5

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You've been doing this for five days now. I want you to look at the prices you bought and sold items at, then see what the highs and lows are for each one. This gives you a competitive advantage when buying and pricing items long term. You'll know when to buy, when to sell, and when to wait!

While this tip may seem basic, it's not. This is the single greatest factor that separates you from someone who randomly selects an item to flip at any given time throughout the day.

If I were to look at cotton scraps and see them at 28 copper buy order and 29 copper sell order, I would not purchase them. But if you knew that cotton scraps sometimes got as high as 36 copper sell order, then you would buy them, right? That's the advantage you can now create for yourself.


  1. Jayhawk Dark said...:

    Isn't everyone always undercutting and trending things down? On all the items I've bought as a result of this recent flipping guide, I've only seen sell prices go down as we all race to undercut each other (myself included).

    Minor Runes of the Adventurer were a decent flip and then someone did a massive undercut and killed the market selling 100+ at pennies over the buy price.

    I'd love to see tips on what to look for in order to get a quick turnaround....how do we get that quick sale on a good sized inventory (say, 1000 crafting materials)?

  1. Markco said...:

    Start writing down prices so you can put this tip to use.

    There are many different crafting materials that can be sold hundreds at a time.

  1. Markco said...:

    Also, the drop was from salvaging, not one person.

  1. 5argan said...:

    Actually, I buy crafting materials on highest offer and sell at lowest offer without ever over-/undercutting and I can flip up to 4k of the same material within 10 minutes. Don't be so focused on undercutting, every copper you don't undercut you gain as a profit, especially in a fast moving market like crafting materials.

  1. Unknown said...:

    @Jayhawk, markets are cyclical. One of my best money makers is/was Honed Greatsword of Battle. It typically buys around 15-20s and sells at 60-80s. However, the market is cyclical and there are times where the buy and sell orders are +/- 15% of each other and I want to spend the 50 gold to buy out everyone. At that point, you collect your winnings and move on. In a few weeks, the market resets itself and you can continue printing (minting?) money off that item once again.

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