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I Over Speculated, Now What?

I will get back to my flipping guide very soon, but for now, here's a tip regarding recent speculation advice I've given on this blog:
"Hi Markco,
You've got a great blog and I'm eager to see how this new guide pays off. I took your advice on 1000 Heavy Bone and 250 Ecto at 1s38c and 35s, respectively. They're trading now at about 1s and 30s. I'm certainly not blaming you and prices may come around but I want to know if your advice is to just wait it out or if there is something else we can do? It would seem like the speculator's remorse period has run its course and we should see prices rising again and since they're not, does that indicate a new trend?
I guess I just need words of assurance (or hard truth) since I did something stupid and spent 100g (half of all that I have) on stuff that has gone down in price.
Thanks....also, again, great site.

I think they will come around. If you can't afford to sit on that 100g, try these options:
Sell half your stock, wait on the rest.
Sell all of your stock, take the hit.
Continue to wait, but slowly sell off your stock once it reaches a certain profit threshold.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    had the same thing with destroyer lodestones... put if you check gw spidy with full period instead of month some of these items have the same fluctuating charts over and over again... (not sure about ecto's) they will rise over time, just make sure your there when they do

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