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I'm Not Making Gold on the Trading Post

Great email recently:

"Do you ever square your ledger?
I've gotten hooked on the TP as a result of your recent flipping guide but all of my assets are in a state of flux. I have probably 10g tied up in buy orders, about 20g in inventory sitting on the TP waiting to be sold and then the aforementioned 100g in inventory sitting in, well, my inventory....plus some stragglers here and there.
I'm pretty sure I've made money but not if I look at how much gold I have. Do you keep your own spreadsheet of items or at some point do you quit putting in buy orders and wait until you've sold most everything off so you have a good idea of your assets? I imagine you have quite a fortune so you can keep buying all the time knowing you're making a profit without checking but I like to know more where I stand. With my remaining 100g, I'm down to somewhere in the 80's showing in my inventory but if everything was sold and I canceled my buy orders, I'd probably be showing a decent profit.

The only way you're not making money is if you're re-investing all your earnings right back into the Trading Post. Instead, try to restrict the amount of gold you're allowed to buy with. You'll be surprised how quickly you start racking up gold if you aren't investing as much.

Think about it... if you make 15 gold today but invest it, have you actually earned anything? Obviously if you count inventory as having value, you are gaining more gold. But your cash on hand isn't actually going up. Guess what? It seriously helps to have a large pool of gold sitting idle so you can take advantage of shifts in the market or even speculation.

To get that gold, seriously throttle back on how much you invest each day. Do you remember when you first started out? How much were you investing now compared to then?

Maybe at first you were putting 2 gold into the trading post and making back 3 gold. Then you took that 3 gold and made 5, but you once again invested the total for the evening right back into the trading post. At some point, you have to pick a number you're happy with for daily investments and STOP investing more than that!

I like to stop myself if I get upwards of 100 gold invested in a single day. Even with great markets at my disposal, I am lucky to clear 50 gold in a single day of trading (one hour on buy and sell orders). I don't want to spend more time camping the trading post or reinvesting all my gold. That would be a ridiculous investment of time! In some instances I will go way beyond 100 gold, especially for very expensive items like rare skins or popular exotics. But in terms of daily trading, which is what you're trying to emulate, I don't go over 100 gold normally.

Start small and restrict yourself to 5 gold invested per day, aiming to earn 7-8 gold back as a minimum.


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