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Reliable Gold Per Hour

I’ve been following the advice of my recent five stage flipping article to make gold in Guild Wars 2. So far things are going really well, and I’ll be writing up a detailed report on the forum as soon as I’ve finished selling everything. For now, let’s focus on helping you pick your markets.

Here’s how I went about identifying markets to play:

My goal was to make reliable returns, regardless of how large or small the profit margin was for each item. I found a remarkable trend when I focused on this goal: usually I would make around 50 silver to 1 gold per day for each of these items. So let’s say I flipped a dye that earned me 20 silver per flip. In the end, I would manage to get around 5 buy orders and 5 sale orders per day. Then there would be a really inexpensive white item that would get me 4 copper per flip. Selling 250 at a time, I would manage to sell around 10 stacks over a 24 hour period. That’s a gold right there. One last example; I was placing 250 buy orders on certain armor that I could flip for 2 silver profit. I literally was able to buy 187 pieces of the armor in a night, then sell all of them in 2-3 days. That’s 3 gold 74 silver profit for very little time invested.

In the end, I want to be making 50 silver to a gold minimum for the time I invest into each market. While that is sinking in, also consider how much gold I’m investing in these markets. The first example is around 5 gold invested for 1 gold profit. The second was 1 silver invested per 4 copper made, so that’s a total of 25 gold invested for a gold returned! Finally, my third example was 1 silver invested per 2 silver earned, so I literally was doubling my investment (1.8 gold to 3.7 gold).

So yes, I am willing to invest 25 gold in order to make 1 gold RELIABLY. Same mentality for a market that’s doubling my gold. What really matters to me, above all else, is making sure that I don’t get ‘stuck’ with inventory that is taking forever to move. That doesn’t mean I’m impatient, as I’ll be happy to wait a few days for all my stuff to sell.

It takes experience and patience to learn which markets are worth pursuing. Take your time and enjoy the ride.


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