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All Hype and No Byte

I’ve seen this time and again with new events in Guild Wars 2. Now we have items like the Chiroptophobia Greatsword Skin hitting the marketplace and people are wondering if they should buy now, sell after the event.

My thought process, which has changed over the past few events, is that Guild Wars 2 will always have the next “new” or “hot” item/skin with each following holiday. They especially seem to target the greatsword skins, making them as cool as possible. There’s just something about swinging a sword the size of your body, you know?

Certain items, especially crafting materials, will remain useful from event to event each year. But items like the skins will not keep up with the hype post event.

I am currently flipping various holiday items as they rise in the market place. I do not wait for them to hit their peak and start falling before selling them off. Typically, I will sell the hyped up items (always purchased with buy order) as soon as they will net a small profit.

Note on candy corn: After Halloween the price will plummet once again, so be sure to pick these up to speculate next year! We now have seen a pattern where buying candy corn after the event and selling just prior to next year’s will be profitable.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    There are some definite outliers to this though, namely extremely unique skins that people have wanted for ages(ex: Aetherblade pistols/rifles for the realistic look). I bought up a number of them figuring they might rise a couple gold and that I'd turn a maybe 5-10g profit after a few months...
    They are now sitting at over 140-150g with buy orders at 100g+.

    That said, you're right that the lesser skins(ie: those that aren't super expensive to begin with) lose interest(and thus won't rise much in value) much quicker than more lucrative/rare skins.

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