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Constantly Flipping Case Study - Aether Key Pieces

These beautifully easy to sell items, aka the Aether Key Pieces, are going crazy fast on the Trading Post today. I made over 100 gold today alone flipping these non-stop.

So how do you flip an item such as this one that is extremely popular, so much so that it's on the top 10 traded items at the moment and STILL profitable?

1. Determine if the item can currently be flipped (multiply .85 times the lowest sell price minus one copper and compare this value to current most expensive buy order plus one copper).

2a. Place a buy order of 25 for 1 copper more than lowest order.
2b. Check sale listings for people selling the item cheap enough to be worth buying outright (non-buy order).

3. Collect your items once they have all come in. Should they take a long time, cancel your buy order and go back to step 1.

4. Sell the collected items for 1 copper less than cheapest listing. Be careful not to go too low! If someone undercut the rest of the market too much, then go ahead and place your listing higher than their price but lower than the next "wall" of the item. If you need help understanding walls then please see this article on trading post walls.

5. Collect your gold. If the items take too long to sell, leave them up and go back to step 1 or wait it out to determine if you should cancel. Patience is key here as prices often work themselves out. Don't sweat it if one or two of your items get "stuck" being listed for too much. Just do your best to cut your losses and don't hold up the rest of your selling by waiting on these.


  1. What i dont understand is why are people buying that many aether key pieces, are they all trying to proffit from this? or people actually are using up the thousands of keys being traded?

  1. Unknown said...:

    Hello Markco (Forgive me for my borken english ). Ty for your guides, i was almost break a long time ago and then i starting to play tp with some of your tips and got like 400 gold in those times when 400 was a lot of money.
    I have a question now, because i stop playing GW2 and now im back with 300 gold remaining in my wallet and im a bit outdated about the market. Can you suggest me in wich kind of market i could use that money to make more money? i mean taking the advantage of having 300 and not 10 to make a good investment because i dont have all the time i used to, so i will like to know some kind of bulk market or something like that. I know a guy in the guild that has 12k playing in the toilet with the "Precursors". Do you have any idea about this method? TY Very much for your guides and tips. Again.... Forgive me for my broken english. Cya.

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