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Flipping Blood and Bones

Last week (approximately 5 days ago) I fractured my ribs, which really really sucked. Sorry that I disappeared for that time period, whether you communicate with me via forum, blog comments, or emails. I felt (and still do a little bit) incredibly drowsy because of the muscle relaxers, so I had trouble putting a few coherent thoughts together for new posts. I'm feeling a little better, so I thought it might be appropriate to discuss flipping blood and bones today.

Let's start with some blood! Ring of Blood is a slow item to flip, but if you're patient the pay off can be substantial. I bought several on Wednesday of last week for 1 gold 23 silver each, and I sold them today for 2 gold 28 silver a piece. Vial of Blood was a kick ass investment last week, jumping from 21 copper when I bought it to 33 copper today. That's a 7 copper profit per vial, which is an awesome return on investment (most of my other commodity auctions only net 3-5 copper).

Bought Wednesday, sold on Monday. I may have to try that strategy again this week to see if it works out better than buy Sunday, sell Friday/Saturday that I used to subscribe to. It's all about the research though, and I'm sure that all markets behave slightly differently depending on the day of the week.

Key lesson today folks is simple: avoid flipping items as soon as you buy them until you know the price ranges that they can hit (high/low).

OK, on to bones. Believe it or not, the regular old "bone" item will often flip instantly for a profit. So it definitely doesn't follow the wait and see mentality I apply to the vial of blood and blood ring markets. Buy order for 14, sell for 18, 1 copper profit every time. That's a pattern I've seen happening frequently with this market. Great way to blow time while you wait for other auctions to sell! Be careful though, this kind of announcement on the blog often leads to price gouging and people over investing. You may want to check out the other crafting materials of the same tier as "Bone" to find your own markets to play with.


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