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My Own Worst Enemy

"Hi Markco, its Blasco. I recently subscribed to your newsletter after finding your online blogs to be of invaluable help to me in my journey to become better at playing the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post. While I have been making consistent profits off the Trading Post, I have only been making 4-6 gold per day. This is due to the fact that I have only been able to buy and sell items in large quantities which have a relatively low % of return. This means that to get big returns I would need to invest a lot more gold than I currently have. When I tried to solve this by moving on to flipping items with a high Rate of Return, I was repeatedly unable to fill out any of my buy orders, due to either being undercut aggressively, or due to the buy price of those items rising so rapidly due to what I can assume is a lot of people also trying to flip those items. Also, it is worth noting that I tried to leave my buy orders on a lot of these items for a couple of days however, the orders were still not filled out. So how can I move on to flipping items with higher rates of return with these issues consistently arising?"

You may be creating mini-walls that are causing people to change their listing pattern. For example: You see an item that will get you 10 copper per sale, so you put 1000 buy orders in at X price. Other sellers will see your 1000 X price and consider it a wall. Even if the price is currently well below X copper, they will price at 1 copper less than yours. Try putting smaller buy orders in and see if your results change.


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