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Pricing Walls

Walls are a fascinating thing to study in Guild Wars 2. No, I’m not talking about the brick and mortar kind. I mean to bring your attention to walls of numbers when it comes to buying/selling items. Here are some of the fascinating properties that belong to price walls.

1.       Walls tend to move slowly over time depending on supply/demand.
2.       Psychologically, people do not expect walls to move, and will 99.99% of the time under sell order or over cut buy order walls. The larger the wall, the less likely someone is to overlook it.
3.       Pricing on the wrong side of the wall makes you feel like your item will never sell. It always “feels” like the wrong call. Same goes for placing buy orders.
4.       When a wall does move up/down new opportunities could exist for anyone who played the market during the last high/low walls.

That last point is the real kicker. I could spend all day analyzing how we (buyers and sellers) are psychologically effected when we see walls in the marketplace. But the real lesson here is that the prices you see now may not be profitable, but in the future buying now might create opportunities later.

Also, walls draw our attention away from all the smaller quantities of items in front of them. If something is selling at 50 copper by the thousands, but there are a handful of 48’s, 49’s, 45’s, etc we tend to look at them as outliers. But no, these prices are what’s actually moving right now, and quickly! If you’re attempting to move a bunch of your items fast, then the secret is to list only a handful at a time over and over again.

Keep in mind that everything is relative. A handful might mean three items for one market and three hundred for another. It all depends on the size of the wall in comparison. Instead of getting too far down the psychological reasoning behind all this, I’d much rather just give you the fish today and let you reverse engineer the pole!

Try your best to find the happy medium between having to constantly post one item at a time and posting too many at once (thus creating a wall).


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