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Taking a Break

"Not too bad and I understand you have a ton of other things going on! Have made about 30 gold in the past three weeks from following your advice! I tried flipping an assassin's legendary inscription and left it on the TP for five days but there were so many undercuts I decided to cut my losses. Thankfully I only lost the listing cost when I sold it but I will probably never try it again. Most of my gold made has been from certain dyes and lower level armor/weapons. The buyout prices seem to be too high lately and too close to the lowest list price so I have taken a break from it for a couple of days. Even gathered crafting materials seem to be impossible to flip lately but I will continue monitoring the market for a bit until things settle down. Thank you for your time!


I really like the part where Christopher mentioned that he will take a break for a few days and then come back to it. This is sound advice, especially when you read specific tips on this blog. Leave for a bit, then come back to see the majority of people have fled for other get rich quick ideas.

In regards to Christopher's problem, I gave him two new markets to try while he waits it out.

If you're looking for markets, I highly suggest the forum or posts like this one. Take the examples and then try to find similar items. That will help you avoid the masses who are following the strategies verbatim.


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