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Tip for Avoiding Those Pesky Undercuts

"Hi Markco,
So the other day I asked a guildy how he made money. He told me various methods and one of the big money spinners was crafting rare greatswords he puts orders in for inscriptions then sells the greatsword. I attempted to do this so I put a few orders in for various inscriptions (10 each ) but within about half an hour all of my buy orders had been over cut several times. My question is how do you deal with people who keep over cutting you?
One trick I use is limiting my buy orders.

If you post too many buy orders, then you create a little wall of orders that intimidate other people into placing their buy orders beneath your own. They feel the need to undercut you, but if you have far few buy orders many people will ignore you and post below the next person above you with a big quantity of orders.
Let's say there are 10,000 orders at 5 silver. You post at 25 orders at 4 silver 95 copper. Guess what? A lot of people will post at 4 s 99 c, meaning you sell first! Ignorance is bliss, or in this case, profit!


  1. Simon Bingel said...:

    Marcko, I think you reversed buying and selling.

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