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Trading to a Legendary

"Hey Marcko, I've been trading for a while, but not for huge profits. I have about 10 items i check for profit (including a level 20 armor, a couple t1 mats, cooking mats, Unidentified dyes etc.) 'll check all the dyes between 1g and 40s pretty regularly, but trading to a legendary seems completely impossible. Have any tips for me? I make a gold or two every time i do trade, but that's once a day, which means it would take like 1000 days to get to my legendary.

Thanks for any advice, Alex"

Hey Alex, thanks for the question as it's one on many peoples' minds. I would start transitioning to only cooking and crafting mats. Track their prices and buy low / sell high. You will sell slower (may have to wait a day between buying and posting) but faster (in terms of sheer items being sold in the same period of time). You will also spend FAR less time emptying the trading post tab and selling items because the stacks are 250 instead of 1 per bag slot. Try applying the 5 step flipping guide to get started.


  1. Ryan said...:

    I've just been flipping crafting materials for about 30 minutes every day. I invest 400 gold every day, and make about 30-40 gold daily. I'm starting to expand into consumables and dyes too, so my profits may rise even further. As you start trading with larger and larger profits, it becomes very possible to earn a legendary in a few months.

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