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What to Do When Bank is Full

I recently had an email from someone who wished that their market remain anonymous. I have left out the name, but the question is relevant for all markets that people speculated on last patch (magic find change). Here's the question:

"Hey! Thanks for all the blog posts you've done this month and September, as I've had lots to read after a good month break from gw2!

anyway, what are your thought on item X?

I hoarded up several thousands long ago, down at [removed value to protect market] copper if memory serves me right. Now they are beginning to be a problem as they are taking up to much space, for future predictions.

do u think they will rise with the ascended armor?
maybe when people start feeling ok with their current 'magic find state'?

any info regarding item X would be greatly appreciated!"

Why do you have to sell all of them? Why can't you sell off just enough to make room for your next target market? It's better to sell things slowly over time, if they are truly rising once more. On an upward trend, selling a few each day will enable you to make gold while still being able to take advantage (or immediately stop selling) after sudden market shifts.
Your answer is simple: Sell enough to make room, keep the rest. If you continue to need space, just keep selling off item X.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Create your own guild and spend afew gold to get influence. Spend the influence on a guild vault :) This is like having another bank tab (which is only for tradeable items) I can also put my gold into this and then know how much money is coming from the trading post. :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    What's the approximate cost of building a guild bank tab? Any guide i can use for it? I know nothing about guild upgrades..

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