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Are You Trading Post Illiterate?

Do the Maths.

Multiply value you're selling at by .85 to see what you'll get back when the sale is over. (5% listing fee + 10% completed auction fee).

Divide the price you are purchasing an item at by .85 to see how much you need to sell it for in order to break even.

Get in the Right Line.

When placing a buy or sell order, know that you go to the back of the line for the price you list at (assuming others have already listed at that amount). If there are 10,000 logs at 1 silver 60 copper and you set your price to the same, then all 10,000 must sell before yours will. If anyone posts after you, then your logs will sell before theirs.

Learn to read.

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Stay Up to Date.

Check out this blog as well as the blogs on my blog roll. Pay close attention to the forums at ArenaNet. Also consider joining the TP Extractor Forum for tons of useful insider tips and strategies from myself and the other members.

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