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Big Money Markets Are Moving Fast

I've noticed an overall gain in prices across the board for crafting materials, especially the ones that plummeted during the 500 ascended armor crafting patch and magic find updates. My theory is that people have managed to accumulate a decent amount of luck (magic find) and so there isn't as many crafting materials from salvaging entering the Trading Post marketplace.

If you're behind on magic find, consider this secret strategy that enables you to make back the majority of gold spent on salvaged luck, and may even earn you a small profit.

Remember my post prior to the ascended armor and magic find patches? I said to buy lots of crafting materials from all tiers. While I acknowledged that prices could potentially take a hit, I knew that eventually they would climb beyond their original starting points. Well now they finally have, and one great example is the Heavy Bone market. That item is up over a gold since the patch price. (1.13 silver to 2.16 silver).

While these crafting materials rise in price, new opportunities are appearing through salvaging and even the mystic forge. See my forum post on mystic forging for an easy to copy example.

I expect prices to continue to rise throughout the week, possibly taking a slight dip in the beginning (Monday - Tuesday). This is a good opportunity to buy now not for the purpose of flipping, but for mystic forging next weekend (starting Thursday or Friday night ideally).

Just to be clear, I am not telling you to invest in heavy bones. A wiser choice would be the lower tier items (like "bone" mystic forge into heavy bone) that are currently profitable using the mystic forge. Or to purchase lower tier items that can be crafted for a profit. To discover these profitable markets, try utilizing gw2spidy (click crafting at top), gold wars 2, and if you're new to crafting try this excellent guild wars 2 crafting walkthrough.

NOTE: At the time of this post heavy bones were worth over 15 copper per flip and slowly rising. You can invest in these and other markets, but it is smarter to take the time to look at all tiers of crafting materials as well as all possible ways to turn them into a profit (mystic forging, opening bags, crafting, and standard flipping).


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