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Flipping Agony Infusion

I was successfully flipping +4 and +5 Agony Infusions last night. Each flip was around 30 silver profit and took 5-10 minutes for the buy/sell orders to complete. I believe that the price of these infusions will continue to increase until the end of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Get your flips in now, but do not flip with gold you can't afford to lose. Worst case scenario: you end up with an infusion you'll use but end up paying extra for in the long run.

For a long term flipping solution, I recommend buying the +1 Agony Infusions. While the other infusions are likely to drop in price, I believe that this one has not reached its true potential yet. At the very least I expect to sell these on Sunday for a nice profit.

Go to the Trading Post and put in the following search criteria:

"Agony Infusion" in search bar.
Select Upgrade Component.


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