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I discovered a new Mystic Forge Method yesterday I've never seen discussed online, and I must say that the Mystic Forge is so underused in the GW2 community. I was making 88 silver on every 45 silver I spent. EPIC ROI right?! And it didn't take too long to sell these items either. So much for this lovely tool being the "Mystic Toilet" as some have called it.

I've added this new strategy to the Markco's Crazy Thoughts section of the forum. There you'll find 30 and counting articles on my secret methods for making gold in Guild Wars 2 on the Trading Post. This is in addition to all the content that the community has provided over the years. Some of the information is so hot you have to use it right this minute to make a profit. Like the "What's Hot Now" thread and the Halloween/Christmas speculation ideas.

For those of you who were scared to commit to the 6 month or 1 year forum access, I've temporarily re-opened the 3 month option. Now you can get in for just $21, but if you're interested in sticking around for a long period of time, I highly suggest getting the discounts for 6 and 12 month access. It's literally a 56% discount compared to the 3 month option.

Don't forget to register your free account before attempting to purchase any forum time. It expects you to have a forum name to add the time to immediately after you have completed a payment.

NOTE: Purchasing forum time does not become an automatic, reoccurring bill in the future. You get a set amount of time when you buy and must choose to add more time in the future. The forum will not make any attempts to automatically bill you.


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