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How to Camp the Trading Post

This guide is one of my favorite ways to make gold. How much you make will be dependent on so many random factors that there's no point in counting on this as your only method for being successful on the Trading Post. If I had to come up with an analogy for this, then I'd have to go with fly fishing. You sit, cast your line just right, and almost every single time you'll get a fish in the exact same shadowy location of the river.

How to Camp the Trading Post for Armor and Weapons

Search for Armor, level 0-80, fine.

Sort the price by category twice so that it looks like the above image.

You will not always see anything above 0 on the first page. Click on the next button until you see items with prices.

Anything below 85 copper should be purchased immediately. Now, here's where things get a little tricky!

Salvaging a fine quality piece of armor gives different results based on the item category (Heavy, medium, and light). I'm assuming that you are using basic salvage kits.

  • Light armor produces cloth.
  • Medium armor produces leather scraps.
  • Heavy armor produces ore.
  • Weapons can produce either ore or logs.
If you'd like to gamble, then feel free to try salvaging the items you pick up. At least it's a good way for getting inexpensive luck! But if you want to make gold, look at the actual price for the item and undercut by a copper.

In order to "refresh" the values, you must click search and once again sort by price. Sometimes, if you're not fast enough, you'll get a "Sorry!" message when you try to buy the item. That just means someone beat you to the punch!

Here is an example of how profitable this search can be:

That's 6 silver 75 copper profit on a 64 copper item!

Also try weapons, fine, level 0-80.

You can use the exact same strategy to find cheap masterwork and rare weapons/armor. Just change the filter from fine to the masterwork or rare category.

With regards to the masterwork, the cheapest items have a vendor price of around 1 silver 30 copper, so anything below 1 silver 75 copper is usually a great deal. Rare items at or below 4 silver will flip for great profits.

My typical camping session will involve cycling between Armor Fine/Masterwork/Rare and Weapon Fine/Masterwork/Rare. Also, don't be afraid to look at some of the items that fall above my recommended purchase price. Many of those are still incredible deals for much more expensive items!

Have fun camping the trading post!

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