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How to Sell Bags For Profit

Above is the search criteria I use to find containers which net a profit when you flip or open them.

Many players misuse the term "bags" in Guild Wars 2. While we all use that term to refer to items which we can equip that increase our inventory size, some people also use it for Containers. A container is an item which you can open (destroying the contain) to reveal randomly generated loot.

These containers all have certain loot tables which, when properly mapped out, can reveal profitable flipping strategies for the materials within them. That is your job if you're interested in selling these items. There is plenty of research already done on wiki's and within our private forums.

In other cases, you don't even have to open the container in order to make a profit, since the highest buy order is often significantly lower than the cheapest listing price.

Containers do not move quickly when you're trying to flip them, so don't play them like other fast moving commodities (1 copper less than lowest listing). You are much better off buying the containers with a buy order and then undercutting your competition by as much as 50%. This ensures a fast sale which is a big deal because I've had containers take weeks to sell due to undercutting. Since things like salvaging monthlies and other events can greatly influence the price of what's inside the containers, the containers themselves also adjust in price.


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