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Selling Rare Underwater Weapons to Levelers

How many times while leveling did you have to do an underwater quest only to realize that your level 10 harpoon gun was garbage against the level 36 elite you found in front of you? That same situation plays out many thousands of times per day in Guild Wars 2. If you're smart, you'll be the one selling the shiny harpoon gun to the player who just wants to get done their quest and move on to more land based leveling.

Here is one of my favorite strategies for flipping underwater weapons. You can reuse the method behind this strategy for fine, masterwork and exotic weapons as well.

Search on the trading post for:

  • level 35 
  • rare
  • weapons, choose one:
    • harpoon gun
    • spear
    • trident

Optional: Place the word "strong" in the search bar as these are the most likely to sell quickly.

PS: Forum members, please check out a cool new strategy for turning skill points into gold. I was able to make 1.5 gold per skill point!


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