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Simple Secret Will Turn Your Copper Into Gold

I had a rock solid day of trading yesterday but it was boring as hell. This strategy is so easy that a small child could do it (hint hint parents out there!). Allow me to walk you through the mind numbingly easy world of playing the dye market.

No I don't mean rares or even masterwork. We're talking about fine dyes (blue)!

Open the trading post up and do a search for "dye" with rarity equal to "Fine". When you click search, every blue dye in the game will be in your search results. Next, click on the "Price" column header so that it looks like this:

Now we're ready to place some buy orders (super boring part incoming!).

Left click on the first dye and make note of the lowest listing. Multiply the listing by .85. So if it says 1 silver 30 copper, that would be 1.3 * .85 = 1.105. That's the same as 1 silver 10 copper (always round down). I personally want to make sure that I'm making 10 copper per transaction, so I'm only going to play this dye if the buy order is less than 1 silver.

Left click on place a custom offer to view the buy orders. In this example, I saw that the lowest buy order was 90 copper. If the price is acceptable then you'll want to put a buy order in that's one copper more expensive (91) of 25 orders. Like the screenshot below shows:

Click the place order button to finish the order. After the word "Success!" appears in green beneath the place order button, you will want to left click on the item. In this case it's "Clove Dye", and after you click on it then you will be returned to your previous search results.

Move on to the next dye and continue doing this. Luckily, they will almost always be extremely similar in price, so you won't have to do all that math over and over again. What you will have to do though is place a lot of buy orders. I mean ... a lot. But it's totally worth it and who doesn't have a few silver lying around that they'd like to turn into gold?

Whenever I try this method out I really focus hard on finishing all the buy orders but usually get distracted about half way through. Don't feel bad if you can't stomach placing the orders on every single dye, as it can be so overwhelmingly boring. When you're done go do other things in the game or log out. DO NOT BABY SIT THE TRADING POST WAITING FOR DYES. They will all get purchased, don't you worry.

After a few hours you will return to a massive number of dyes. Don't cancel your buy orders either, I notice a lot of people do that and in this market it's a waste of all the time you spent creating them. They will eventually get bought, so just leave them alone.

When you sell each dye, click on the match lowest seller radio button and then go up to the "Unit Price" gold/silver/copper boxes. You can then undercut the lowest seller by 1 copper, as shown below.

Sometimes the Quantity field will be less than the maximum number of items in your inventory. If that's the case, it will be bright white. Click on it any time that happens, and ignore it if the button is greyed out like in the above screenshot.

If you make 10 copper per dye and you're able to flip 2500 dyes (100 buy orders of 25 each), you will be earning 25,000 copper or 2.5 gold. Now, in most cases I was making more like 20-40 copper per flip, which is definitely a lot more than 2.5 gold! Nevertheless, this strategy is only as good as the amount of time you're willing to mindlessly place buy orders on items that all look alike. Do not underestimate just how quickly this strategy gets old. But if you need gold and don't have a lot to work with, this is a great way to get more.

When you finish creating your buy orders and come back to the game to collect your gold, you may notice a few dyes are still not sold. That's OK, and I want you to NOT CANCEL those listings. That costs you money and rest assured that eventually your dyes will sell. Besides, you will usually only be left with like 5% of your original buy orders unsold and that's nothing to panic about. Like the screenshot below when I finished selling about a 1000 dyes and had these left over:

Enjoy the strategy! If you think it only applies to fine dyes then you're going to miss out on other markets... and I'm not just talking about dyes here people. Do some research and find other item categories like this one.


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